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Nothing Else Needed for the 99th Percentile

The most 'Complete' GMAT Prep Program Ever

40 Hrs Illustrative Videos | All Concept Books and Practice Books | 25+ CBTs | Daily Basis Study Plans | Doubt Solving Support

80% Students who Complete the Program
Score above the 90th Percentile

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GMAT Guidance Program

A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH FOR GMAT PREP: All You Ever Needed for the 99th Percentile

Under this efficient, result oriented approach for GMAT Prep, we make all the resources and tools available to the student, under the guidance of a team of mentors with 99th percentile on GMAT, enabling the candidate to focus only on one’s GMAT Prep rather than hunting for material or traveling for classes/mentoring. Concisely put, this approach includes: 1. ‘Complete’ Study Material with 24 Computer Based Tests 2. A set of high difficulty level, sophisticated videos to meet the ‘classroom’ need of your GMAT Prep 3. Daily basis plans personalized to meet your preparation needs 4. One-on-one doubt solving support, by a team of seasoned mentors, over emails and video conferences. These resources, together, are equipped to take a candidate to the 99th percentile on GMAT- a feat achieved by several of our students, every year!

Here is a description of our proud offering that has made a positive impact on GMAT Prep for thousands of test takers, worldwide…




A set of A combination of hard books, e-books, 20 sectional tests, and 24 Computer based mock tests, trifurcated among three stages- Understand, Practice, and Master– ensuring that an individual starts from the basics and gradually moves to the difficult levels in one’s GMAT Prep. Alongside hundreds of hours of research, ten different study materials have been consulted and best from each has been taken as inspiration to lead to this study material, undoubtedly the best possible combination for GMAT Prep.

Recorded Training Sessions (39 Videos, 40 Hours )

A set of 39 Recorded Training Sessions to help the student gain the ‘teaching advantage’ without wasting time in commuting for GMAT Prep. One can watch these videos any number of times under the comfort of one’s home or away on any device connected to the internet. Covering the entire syllabus in an organized way, these videos traverse the concepts, strategy, and medium-high difficulty level questions for GMAT’s Math, Verbal, AWA, and IR sections. These GMAT Prep Videos aptly complement our rigorous study material by providing the ‘teaching edge’ for concepts that are rare to find in books or are generally difficult to be covered by students on their own.

Personalized GMAT Study Plans and Guidance

Our team of seasoned mentors, with proven record on actual GMAT, is always an email away for sorting any doubts in matters pertaining one’s GMAT Prep and beyond it. The team creates stage-wise study plans based on performance of students after analyzing his/her level through mock tests. This way, a student knows what exactly one needs to do on each day of one’s GMAT Prep. If the student sticks to these plans dedicatedly, results always follow.

Weekly Doubt Solving Sessions (Online)

Every Saturday, an online Doubt Solving Session is conducted by a 99th percentile trainer. Apart from getting the doubts sorted, a student can request a short class on any concept/area one may be facing difficulty in one’s GMAT Prep. In case the student can not make it on the regular doubt solving timings, alternate sessions can be fixed on request.

Post GMAT Assistance

The student is provided effective guidance for applications, schools short-listing, recommendation letters, interviews, and the Visa process. Please note that writing or editing of MBA application essays is not a part of this course. For that, one needs to enroll for our Applications Package.

Inclusive of taxes and shipping charges.

An Alternative to Brick and Mortar ‘GMAT Coaching’? Yes, an Efficient one, for the Self-Motivated…

With self preparation at its core, the Guidance Program requires a relatively higher level of self motivation/discipline than a conventional brick and mortar model. If you are an individual who would like to prepare on your own if provided a systematic set of robust resources, told how you need to use the same, and given doubt-solving support, the Guidance Program is apt for you. However, if you need a typical classroom setup for that external bit of discipline and motivation, this program is not a fitting alternative for you.

However, our Guidance Program has certain advantages over the conventional ‘Coaching Classes’ as it…

  • Doesn’t touch you only once or twice in a week for GMAT Prep, leaving you on your own to figure out the rest. The Guidance Program gives you a daily basis plan so you know what needs to be done on every single day of your preparation.
  • Doesn’t let you run the risk of getting lost in a class of much brighter or bleaker students. This program personalizes your GMAT Prep to suit your preparation needs
  • Doesn’t teach the same curriculum irrespective of your preparation needs. The ‘lecturing’ part is taken out of the classroom in the form of our Recorded Training Sessions and the personal time with the mentors is used for ‘discussions’ over your GMAT Prep.
  • Provides personal time with a mentor when needed. While our all resources are completely self explanatory with detailed solutions, we encourage you to come up with doubts whenever you are stuck in your GMAT Prep. For seeking explanation to a small doubt, you can shoot us an email on address dedicated for sorting queries of the existing students; all mentors in our time have access to this account and whosoever sees it first, shall answer and archive your query. In case of detailed, subjective queries and thus, the need for a detailed doubt solving session, you can get a one-on-one doubt solving session- over a video conference- with a mentor with the 99th percentile on GMAT.

Much More than a GMAT Online Program or
Correspondence Course…

This approach for GMAT Prep is far more than a conventional Online Course on Correspondence Course in that…

  • The association begins and not ends with access to our GMAT Videos and Online Material (as is generally the case with an Online Course) or the shipment of study material (as is the case with a Correspondence Course). The online and offline resources we provide are the crucial means but not the end of our guidance. Equivalent value lies in personalizing the periodic study plans to suit your preparation needs as per your level in different types of questions, the number of hours that you can devote on weekdays and weekends, target GMAT date, target score, application deadlines of the institutions etc.
  • It’s not the usual “SC Videos for $xyz”, “Math Videos for $abc” approach. It’s a turn-key offering that takes care of every question type (including AWA and IR) on the GMAT in an efficient and organized way. The idea is not to ‘sell’ different combinations of our offerings but to ‘accord’ one robust offering, complete in. every sense, to help a student score the 99th percentile on the GMAT!

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  • Remember, we train our students not for a 650-700 on the test but for the 99th percentile. The study material is more than sufficient for that. We assure that you would not need to buy any other material. For best results, please avoid using any external material for the GMAT Prep.
    In the unlikely event that you exhaust entire study material but seek further improvement in scores, we will provide extra material for your GMAT Prep, without any extra charges.
  • Entire study material is completely self-explanatory with detailed solutions to each practice problem.
  • The material has been prepared after keeping in view that you may be getting back to books after a considerable gap in your education. Hence, the material provides proper handholding- the first few books are extremely basic to ensure that you brush up your basics. As you proceed further with your GMAT Prep, the content would start getting difficult. No warm up is needed before starting your preparation under our Guidance Program. We update our study material after every 10-12 months and thus, your get the latest resources for your GMAT Prep, , equipped to prepare you with the latest trends.
  • The unique Understand-Practice-Master pedagogy makes the learning very smooth for our students. Stage-I is all about developing concepts that are tested on GMAT; you read one concept, solve 20 questions based on that concept, and then move to next concept. Stage-II and III are of higher level of difficulty and problems are not segregated concepts-wise, as is the case on actual GMAT.
  • The team of mentors plays a crucial role in your preparation. The team prepares your stage-I plan based on your performance in a diagnostic test and the amount of time you can devote to your GMAT Prep on weekdays and weekends. Based on your performance in stage-I books and tests, the team prepares a stage-II plan. Similarly, the provides a stage-III plan with a tentative date on which you must appear for GMAT.
  • Although the material is completely self-explanatory, we encourage you to put your queries to our team of mentors. Our mentors are mostly online and generally answer all queries within few hours. Maximum turn-around time that we promise is two business days.
  • In case you don’t hear from our team in two days (an extremely rare possibility), our founder is available as a back-up mentor. He has access to all data and your previous communications. Hence, he can step in any time to help you in your preparation.


Serious and self-inspired individuals, willing to follow our guidance sincerely, shall benefit the best for our Guidance Program. The results will follow only (and definitely so!) if one follows the study material as per the customized stage-wise study plans prepared by the team of mentors. While this approach to GMAT Prep is a great option for students looking for GMAT online preparation or self preparation, with exhaustive videos and 1-1 doubt solving sessions online, it is also a fine option for students looking for GMAT classroom contact programs.


Very humbly, we know what we are doing and have complete faith in our ways. Hence, if a student doesn’t get the minimum assured GMAT score despite following the entire GMAT Prep guidance sincerely, we take the moral responsibility and one gets a full refund. Please visit Experts’ Guarantee for more information.

Inclusive of taxes and shipping charges.

When the screen said 770, I really thought it was a bug in the software. But, when the entire staff at Pearson Vue center came jumping for a glance at my score report, I realized that I had nailed it. I had earlier scored a modest 680 on GMAT, and there-on, such a huge jump with just 4 months of GMAT prep (alongside my job) could not have been possible without Experts’ excellent study material and continuous and personalized guidance. I also signed up for the Application Package and once again, Experts’ help was instrumental in securing a berth in Boston University School of Business and Goizueta Business School with full scholarships in each institution! A few of my friends already signed up on my recommendation. From my experience, I have no hesitation in claiming that when it comes to pursuing GMAT Prep and a subsequent B-School admission, Experts’ Global is the way to go. And by the way, it is very reasonably priced too!

Swarnendu Rai, Moved from 680 on his first attempt to 770 on the GMAT. Made into Boston University and Goizueta Business School, Emory University with 100% scholarships!

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