Why a Global MBA

Why a Global MBA?

Although curriculum of most of the renowned MBA programs in the world is almost same (unless you go for a dual degree or an off-beat concentration), the kind of learning varies immensely.

The main benefits of a global MBA:

Broader Scope
One grows global from the day one enrolls in a global B-School. While the option to get back to one’s own country is always open, one can also opt for a career in different parts of the world.

Practical Learning
Case based approach makes classes very interesting and decreases reliance on books. One gets to learn even from exams, which are mostly case based and open book. Even a statistics paper will teach you to look at things from a logical point of view and will involve minimal calculations.

Strong Peer Group:
People from more than twenty nations, with more than five years experience on average, will be studying with you. The trans-cultural exposure teaches to look at things from multiple angles.

Better self-assessment:
Good global colleges make you undergo various psychometric tests and let you have information interviews with highly experienced professionals. One gets to know where his balance of aptitude and aspirations lie.

Enjoyable Experience:
While people often crib about the time in a B-school, our experience suggests that if you are clear about what you want out of your MBA, you can really enjoy your time in a B-school.

Global Network:
Good schools have history of 100 years or more and hence, have a very strong alumni base. By the time you get over with your MBA, you will have a great network of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. You can leverage immensely from this network.

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