Avanse Education Loan is provided by Avanse Financial Services Ltd, a new age education finance company. It is an Associate Company of Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. (DHFL), a leading player in the housing finance sphere.

Avanse provides education loans for higher studies. Along with dominant courses like engineering, business and management, Avanse also provides students the opportunity to explore new age courses like Aquaculture, Photo Journalism, courses in Music & Culture and many more. The company aims to provide education loans to nearly 19.8 million Indian students who at any given time require education finance to pursue higher studies in India and overseas.

The word Avanse has been derived from the French word ‘Avance’, which means ‘to advance’. This meaning has become the cornerstone of the brand promise, which encourages students to chart out the course to their future, without encumbrances or any limits. The essence of the brand has thus been distilled and well encapsulated in the tagline: “Aspire Without Boundaries”.

  • Avanse Education Loans covers complete cost of education including living and other expenses.
  • The company offers educational loans with minimum loan value being Rs 50,000/- up to the maximum value required and offers flexible repayment plans with repayment tenure up to 10 years (120 months).

Avanse education loans come with the Avanse advantage which aims at making the education loan process delightful by offering customized loan solutions, hassle free and transparent process and doorstep service for customer convenience.

Types of loan offered by Avanse

  1. Education Loan in India
  2. Study Abroad Education Loan
  3. Executive Education Loan for Working Professionals

Features of Avanse Education Loan:

  1. Interest Rate as low as 12.25%
  2. 4* Days Loan Sanction Period
  3. No Limit on Loan Amount
  4. Doorstep Service
  5. Available for all courses
  6. Covers 100% of course fees and living expenses
  7. Flexible Repayment
  8. Flexibility on collateral security
  9. Customized solutions with flexibility in Loan Structuring

Repayment of Loans
Avanse is a responsible lender and encourages its customers to be responsible borrowers. It understands the burden of servicing EMIs and the maintenance of a good Credit Rating, which is why they have devised customized solutions that allow the customers with the flexibility of repayment.

Few of the features include:

  1. Servicing the Interest component during the course
  2. Partial servicing of Interest during the course
  3. EMI Repayment during the course
  4. EMI repayment post holiday/moratorium period
  5. Step-Up repayment facility

Avanse Education Loans has earmarked its expansion plan and in its initial phase will have dedicated offices across 10 major locations which are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Deeper market penetration shall be achieved by leveraging the vast DHFL network.

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