Global Student Loan Corporation

For those planning to pursue their higher education in the United States, it can prove to be a financially excruciating task unless planned well. In fact, over 66% of U.S. undergraduate students are known to leave school with some debt, with the average debt estimated to be approximately $21,000.

Financial aid to pursue education can come in many forms, such as

  • Scholarships and grants, which are competitive or need-based awards that do not require repayment
  • Loans, which require principal and interest repayment.

While grants and scholarships are attractive options, they often will not cover the complete cost of higher education. Many students, therefore, complete their aid packages with private loans.

Yet, international students in United States face significant barriers to securing financial aid. This is on account of the fact that loan eligibility is determined by :

  • A borrower’s ability to repay accumulated loan debt
  • U.S. lenders typically require a U.S.-based co-signer to share responsibility for a student’s loan.

Keeping all these facts in mind, Global Student Loan Corporation has created programs to offer international students a comprehensive student loan without requiring a U.S. co-signer. It facilitates loans for education-related expenses. The management team of Global Student Loan Corporation has years of experience in dealing with international finance, and international and domestic educational markets.

Through partnerships with lending institutions around the world and specialized loan servicers, Global Student Loan Corporation arranges financing for students to cover the complete cost of education including:

  1. Tuition and fees and books
  2. “Approved” housing
  3. Transportation
  4. Computer hardware and software
  5. Other approved education expenses

To ease the process, Global Student Loan Corporation has extensive relationships with many schools – from traditional “brick and mortar” to online institutions.

Features related to Global Student Loan Corporation

  1. It provides funding for other education-related expenses such as fees, computers, communications, travel, and housing.
  2. All the lending parties need to be older than 18 years of age.
  3. The maximum loan amount is the cost of education less any other financial aid.
  4. Repayment of loans is determined by each individual lender and can vary among lenders. It is advisable to review the lender’s loan terms and conditions for repayment questions.

Global Students Loan Corporation can be the handy help students need to pursue courses in the United States without being incapacitated by the financial aspects.

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