Profile of the MS Admissions Consultants

Profile of MS Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global

The mentors at Experts’ Global, consulting students for their applications to graduate schools have a crucial task in hand. As MS Admissions Consultants, they need to guide the next generation into the best possible programs, with highest possible scholarships- as per the profile, credentials, and test scores of the candidates.

Here is a brief on the profiles of our MS Admissions Consultants…

a) Scored the 99th Percentile on GRE/GMAT and been through the demanding applications process for admissions into the global universities. With the wealth of graduate education from premium global universities and worthy corporate experience, these mentors- seniors in your pursuit- are equipped to provide genuine guidance regarding your admission into a global university and the career beyond it.

b) Helped hundreds of students attain their dream for global graduate education. Applying to graduate schools yourself and helping others apply, often, be two different virtues. With the experience of helping a significant number of students every year to US Universities and other global institutions, these mentors have deep expertise in working with students with diverse backgrounds, opting for education in different disciplines and geographies!

c) Easy, awesome people to work with! The applications process requires serious interpersonal involvements and it is important that a student feels comfortable in reaching out to one’s Mentor. We take the interpersonal stuff very seriously and try to develop a strong rapport with the student. The MS Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global are very comfortable people to work with!

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