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Experts Global admission consulting service deserves a huge shout for their impressive and highly responsive service. I had went for Expert Global’s GMAT crash course for my GMAT prep . Impressed by the course, I was confident of it’s services when I opted for it’s admission consulting services . But the consulting service took the experience to new heights . The best part about it is that the company provides you with different experts for different aspects of the application ( school shortlisting , application , interview , resume ) and all are available on a single channel making it very convenient. Also , you get a student officer assigned to you who is very helpful , very approachable and can be contacted for anything under the sun . They are the saviours when deadlines are around the corner .In the end , I would say that I had a great and hiccup free experience with Experts Global . Apart from successfull applications , I also personally learned alot during my association with them and have no reservations in recommending them to anyone .

M Shah


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