Moore, Thunderbird 50+% Schol

We are a couple, aspiring to pursue MBA together from an esteemed B-school in USA. As both of us were leaving our full-time employment, the financial considerations were strict. What we would like to mention is that with a score of mid-600s, nothing can be better than a scholarship of USD 55K from a decent American business school. We never expected this kind of high scholarship and the credit goes to the Experts’ Global team. If it wasn’t for their guidance, we would never have achieved what we did with the MBA applications. We are very happy with the essays, interview preparation and everything else. At one point in time, we thought we would never make it, but everything seems so fine right now. Thank you, Experts’ Global!


Sanatanu and Jayashree

Darla Moore with $55,000 Scholarship each
Thunderbird with $ 27,000 Scholarship each

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