Tepper, Darden, Emory, Olin, BU, Kelley

I found out about Experts’ Global while searching for application related help services online. I was working full time and did not have the time required to analyse my objectives and draft excellent essays. I spoke with Mr Mayank Srivastava, the Founder at Experts’, and was initially skeptical if the extremely ambitious Guarantee shall be met. But my fears were unfounded as Anand, my assigned mentor, put me at ease immediately. He was experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Experts’ helped me understand what I wanted from an MBA, what I wanted from my future and where I wanted to see my career go. They also talked to me several times to help me understand the entire process. Unlike other services they did not immediately rush to offer me help with the applications. They took time in understanding and evaluating my profile, thus helping me select the right set of schools. I got all the help I wanted in preparing essays, applications and interviews. I applied to 10 schools and with a non-extraordinary 720 on GMAT, got admits from 7 of them, all thanks to Experts’, Anand, and team.


Deepti Saripalli

Darden, Tepper, Emory, Olin, Boston University
Kelley, Smeal, Maryland Smith with hefty Scholarships

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