Top 150 MBA Applications Details

Here are the complete details- one must have before starting the application process- for almost all of the world’s most prominent MBA Colleges

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Application essays to be written in the application process

Intent: Generally, students get to know the list of essays to be written only on initiating the application process on the schools’ portals. Knowing the list of essays beforehand helps not only by providing extra time for brainstorming over the content of the essays but also by giving a reality check about how strong a case can one present to different schools

Application Deadlines

While this information is generally, easily, available on school’s portal, it helps to have the deadlines (and decision dates) of different schools under one portal, like ours. This helps in planning one’s applications and, sometimes, in shortlisting the schools

Program Statistics

Knowing the current class profile, average GMAT, average experience, average GPA, tuition fee, gender ratio, % international students etc helps one in ascertaining one’s suitability for the program and in determining one’s chances for selection

Co-ordinates of the Admissions Office

It helps to have the e-mail IDs and contact numbers of the programs’ Admission Offices. It’s advisable to write to the Admissions Office about any doubt one may have about the programs or the admission process


Good to know where the prominent rankings are placing the schools. However, take the rankings with a pinch of salt

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