Kelley, Foster, BU, Iowa

I have been planning for MBA for more than three years. Last year I wasted almost Rs 2 Lacs only to get rejected from all the B schools. This year I chose Experts’ Global to guide me through the application process. I never imagined that I would receive such huge success. Got admits from 4 of the top US B schools, and that too with great scholarships. Finally chose Kelley-Indiana. The best thing about the ‘Team-Mayank’ is that they identify the week portion of the application and work on it so well that it becomes blessing in disguise. They grill the student deep enough to develop truly original contents for all applications. Very professional, very helpful team, and of course, very compassionate Leader in Mayank Srivastava. Great work, great going. All the very best to the “Experts”.


Abhinav Krishna

Kelley, Foster, BU, Tippie with 0-100% scholarships

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