710, ISB, Kelley, BU, Smeal, Krannert

I am not sure if self-preparation would have helped me attain a good score in GMAT and admit with scholarship in one of the best universities. For the simple reason that you don’t just need motivation for success, you also need support and advice from knowledgeable and informed individuals. And that’s where I think Experts’ Global made all the difference for me. I cannot stress enough how vital study plan, study material and practice tests were to my study regime. They were absolutely and completely responsible for how I performed on the test. The personalize study plan is as per your strengths and weak areas and is something very unique about Experts’ Global. The books offer some radically new tricks and tips to better attack the problems. You really don’t need to refer any book other than ones provided by Experts’ Global. Experts’ Global helped me select universities that matched my experience and aspiration. A lot of effort and time was spent before writing essays for a college. The essays were written in a very professional manner and truly reflected my personality. The most highlighting service given was the interactive sessions during the mock interviews. I was extremely impressed with the generous amount of time spent hammering out every detail of interview process.


Nikhil Singh

710, Kelley, ISB, BU, Krannert, Smeal, Tippie, Cox, Georgia, with hefty scholarships

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