Duke, Cornell, and Ross

Hi All,

Last year, I started replanning my mid-career aspirations, and Executive MBA became the next best option, given my 15-year experience and other factors. With my busy schedule (as I am working full time), I wanted someone to hold my hand and do detailed planning & execution of the EMBA Preparation & Applications. Before signing up with them, I talked to Anchal, Akanksha, and many other fabulous folks at Expert Global. It turned out that Expert Global far exceeded my expectations in the organization, providing value in my application process and delivering the results. They developed a project plan with extreme details from their side and mine. They coached me at every junction and clarified every doubt that I had.

Their interview process is very rigorous and extremely helpful. I gave 4 mock interviews, and each mock interview helped me redefine my approach to applications.

I applied to 1) SC Johnson College of Business | Cornell University, 2) Duke University (Fuqua) & 3) University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross).

To my surprise and with Expert global’s fierce commitment to working with you, I got admitted in all 3.

The entire application process is excruciating and stressful, but it becomes manageable with the right guide, like Expert Global, and confidence starts kicking in soon.

If you want to reach out to me for further details, please feel free to email me at

Nikhil Mathur

Nikhil M

Duke, Cornell, and Ross

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