Babson, Thunderbird

I enrolled with Experts’ Guidance Program in 2009 (I am writing this piece in 2013). The material was simply superb, it covered, in an organized and selective way, almost everything that is worthwhile in the GMAT world. However I couldn’t beat the GMAT beast and couldn’t score more than 610 in my multiple attempts. Crucially, Experts’ Global stayed with me and trained me repeatedly with newer strategies over my attempts. Then, the real magic Experts’ Global did was with my application package. They helped me select schools suitable to my profile and worked great deal on the essays. I was discovering so many un-noticed factors about my profile, which certainly helped me build up my confidence. Also did a few very useful rounds of mock interviews over the phone. My whole application process was cakewalk, thanks to Experts’. Finally, only with 610 GMAT, I got acceptance from Babson College (which in fact was my dream school), Uconn and Thunderbird. Many thanks to Experts’!


Priyanka Tiwari

Babson, Thunderbird, UConn

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