Tepper (with 50% scholarship), Olin (with 100%), UCLA ($70000 for 2 years), and Marshall ($80000 for 2 years)

I had taken the 15 test series and availed the admission consulting service of Experts Global and following was my experience:

A. The 15 test series – The full-sized 15 tests helped me getting a grip on the format and getting comfortable in being able to solve questions faster. Specifically, the maths section of the tests and the videos that accompanied the solutions helped me gain insights and learn tips and tricks that helped me well. Moreover the GMAT shots are a must watch for anybody and everybody – they are a game changer especially for last minute revisions!

B. Admission consulting – The admission consulting service i availed was for applying to 11 schools in the first round and out of 11 applications I received admits from three top-20 US schools with half scholarship, admit from one school with full scholarship and waitlist from another top-15 school. The well-defined teams at Experts Global worked very hard for all stages of the process from school selection to mock interviews. Their structured approach to the application process made it easier to apply to so many schools in the same round and also get quite a few admits.

Overall, I am glad to have chosen Experts Global to support me during my MBA application process!

R Shah

Tepper (with 50% scholarship), Olin (with 100% scholarship),
UCLA (with $70000 scholarship for 2 years), and Marshall (with $80000 scholarship for 2 years)

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