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I would like to take this opportunity to thank experts global for their continuous support and guidance throughout my MBA application process and helping me get into the MBAEx program at IIM Calcutta. It is common knowledge that getting a good GMAT score is just a first step in the long way to getting into an MBA program. A major chunk of the application process is about supplementing that GMAT score with a strong application and this step can make or break ones candidature in getting into an MBA program. What I loved about experts global is their methodical approach to going about the college application process. They follow a logical step by step approach complemented by strict deadlines that keeps an applicant on their toes throughout their application which is extremely essential during application process. It is easy to be intimated by the magnitude, depth and quality of essays to be submitted, customized for each MBA program and having someone help you navigate the process while keeping a tab on timelines can be of great help. Further, their step by step approach about the candidate’s profile evaluation and selection of suitable programs is extremely helpful for candidates who have a hard time figuring out the right program as per their profiles. Their turn around time is commendable which is again extremely valuable for an already anxious candidate in the middle of their application process. I will recommend experts global if one is lost and overwhelmed regarding the application process and wants to land into a suitable MBA program at the end of the application process..

Anil J


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