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  • $10Mn+
  • 50+
    admits in
    US top 20
  • 25+
    admits in
    European top 10
  • 50+
    in Indian top 4
  • ~90%
    interview calls
    for ISB
  • 40+
    admits in US top 60
    with 100% scholarship!
  • 10+
    admits into US
    top 100 with
  • Every 10th
    Indian in US top 50 is our

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MBA Admissions Consulting


Authentic MBA Admissions Consulting: Assured Admits and Scholarships

Every 10th Indian in the US top 50 MBA Programs is our student; students from 40+ other countries too, are! In sync with our theme of getting a student the best one deserves, we have been placing our students in the world’s most prominent MBA Programs. Our seasoned MBA Admission Consultants personalize a student’s candidature to each school, leading to templates free, original work that lends a candidate one’s best chance. When a student follows our guidance sincerely, one achieves optimal results. Work with world’s best MBA admission consultants for the world’s most complete admission consulting service for the best possible admits and scholarships!
Based on a holistic profile evaluation before enrollment, we guarantee admits and, often, scholarships. Inquire with us to know your Guarantee Statement!



Are you looking for MBA application essays that lend you the best chance for admission into your dream business school? Do you seek application essays which connect various dots in your profile and aspirations to epitomize your story? Did you desire your essays were honest yet compelling, ethical yet incisive? Do you wish you had a Mentor who could guide you beyond simply the grammar? Someone who could analyze your profile and career plans to build a story you must recite to the admission committee? The Mentor who would not only examine your essays- critically, but also suggest alternatives- precisely? Someone who would be with you during those wee hours until you are sure to press the ‘submit’ button? Besides, did you wish to have an assurance for final admits; an assurance as substantive as a 100% fee-back in absence of a final offer letter? If the answer to the above questions is yes, invest your faith in our MBA admission consulting and follow the mentoring sincerely to get the best possible admits and scholarships vis-à-vis your profile and scores.
Please fill the Inquiry Form on the top of the page to help us know you better and personalize the Guarantee Statement for you. We shall not promise you the earth and the sky but rest assured, the admits and scholarships you achieve shall be significantly better than what we ‘Guarantee’ you.


Learning. MBA admission consulting that ensures apt learning as you apply.
Impactful, incisive, impeccable essays.
Singularity, apt structure, and natural flow in every essay.
Originality. No cut-copy-paste work, whatsoever.
Strict privacy. The shared information remains secure with us.
However unpleasant, clear feedback.


Sharing essays of previous, successful students; we are sure you would not want your essays to be read by strangers of tomorrow. We respect one’s privacy and what is told to Experts’, remains with Experts’.
Faking. Please do not force us to include any fake information. Be honest to the process and we shall take you to the best MBA Program, with highest possible scholarship- purely on your merit!


100%. We know, beforehand, what we are promising to our students and whether we will be able to deliver the same. Every time a student adheres to our mentoring and recommendations, results follow. You may want to go through our Testimonials

The Way MBA Admissions Consulting Works

Here is a detailed description of all steps involved in the MBA Admission Consulting process with us
Before enrolling, one needs to have a counseling session with a counselor at Experts’. Over a detailed telephonic conversation, one’s profile, MBA plans, and career goals are understood; accordingly, the counselor guides the candidate about what kind of programs are suitable for one and gives a reality check about what level of admits/scholarships are possible with one’s scores and profile. While final school shortlisting is possible at a later point in time, the student is given a macro view of the league/nature/geography of target MBA Programs, beforehand.
There are two versions of our MBA admissions consulting packages- Guarantee and Standard. In case one decides to opt for the Guarantee version, a Guarantee Statement is presented, after due diligence over one’s profile and scores, before one enrolls. An example of Guarantee Statement: ‘Admission in one of the US top 30 MBA Programs as per the US News Rankings with at least 50% scholarship’. The Guarantee version comes with a fee-back guarantee (generally 100%). A premium of 40-100% (depending on what admissions and scholarships we are able to guarantee) is charged in the Guarantee version, over the standard (without guarantee) one. Only difference between the two versions is the fee-back guarantee; the quality, scope, and extent of mentoring remains the same. Besides, guarantee version is applicable only on our standard MBA admissions consulting package of 11 schools.
Once a student enrolls, a Mentor is assigned. The Mentors at Experts’ are individuals who have done it all themselves and are inspired for helping the next generation. The team consists of MBAs from prominent Global Business Schools or retired professors and adcom members from global institutions. Each MBA Admission Consultant at Experts’ Global carries hefty experience in guiding students with diverse profiles to premiere MBA Programs.
The Mentor assigns the student, two exhaustive write-ups: Profile Evaluation Questionnaire and School Short-listing Questionnaire. One needs to pour one’s heart out (without worrying about the quality of English) to help the Mentor in boarding the story and finalizing the right portfolio of schools to suit one’s needs, preferences, and constraints. The student’s consensus is taken before finalizing the list of schools.
The Mentor then conducts a detailed ‘brainstorming’ session with the candidate. Over the same, the Mentor counsels the student about the right story for one’s application essays- the links among one’s background, need for an MBA, short-term and long term goals, and the inspiration for the same.
Once the student and the Mentor are on the same page, the application essays are prepared. Student’s perspectives are reflected in the most effective manner to optimize one’s chances for receiving an interview invite. The mentor is decisive in portraying a student’s case and, at the same time, open to any considerations/suggestions. The student is finally given a version of essays that one can upload on the application portal.
The mentor also helps in recommendations, resume, interviews, and the paraphernalia involved in the application process. The application process is quite cumbersome and one always faces questions about the intricacies involved- documentation, GPA, technical details etc; we encourage the students to ask questions to the Mentor rather than assume the obvious (unless the obvious is really obvious!).

Ethics and Trust


When one enrolls with us, s/he trusts us to leave a positive mark on one’s career. We consider this a responsibility. Work to seek guidance from the seniors in your pursuit (rather than service from a provider) and you shall benefit the best that way.


We believe in stating the facts candidly, however unpleasant they may be. No, we would not show you a rosy picture (even if you earnestly seek one) and shall elucidate what you are getting into and what kind of results can be expected. While exact school short-listing can be done only after one enrolls and fills our exhaustive questionnaires, a macro view of the nature of institutions, expenditure, expected scholarships etc is given to the student before one embarks the journey with us.


Please understand that our job is to present your candidature in an optimal way and to get you the best you deserve- purely on merit. We assume that the information you present us with is correct and expect you to not insist on incorporating any bogus achievements/activities in your essays. Besides, please don’t ask for the essays of other, successful students for inspiration; application essays are highly personal to a student’s case and sharing the same is against our privacy policy.


Q: Do we provide MBA admission consulting for all programs in all geographies? Do we specialize in some particular Business Schools and geographies?

A: Yes. We help the students in applying to MBA Programs, worldwide. We don’t specialize in schools or geographies. We specialize in personalizing one’s candidature to the program one is applying for. With that skill, all schools and geographies are handy for us. While a big chunk of our students opt for American, European, or Asian MBA programs, our alumni base boasts of students from every single of the world’s top 150 business schools!

Q: Does one need to visit our office, meet the Mentor in person? Is there any geographical barrier?

A: No. Students from all over the world take our help for their applications. The entire process is completed over e-mails, phone calls, and (sometimes) Skype. Even if a student is in the same city as one’s Mentor, we do not encourage personal meetings for the application process as the deliberation is best done by the MBA Admission Consultants in the serenity of their personal workspace. We encourage you, though, to meet us over coffee!

Q: What are our professional charges?

A: We have deliberately not mentioned the fee for applications on our website. Unlike our other programs, Admissions Consulting requires much deeper understanding of the offerings and value addition- best described in a personal conversation over phone. Hence, the financial discussion is best done after the candidate is in full cognizance of the nuances of the offering. Don’t worry, while we are not very economical, we don’t ask for the world, either.

Q: The fee is a bit high that many others…?

A: Well, we understand that. Reasons:
  • The quality of people working personally with you and on every word of your each essay and every part of the applications process. We train a pre-decided, limited number of students every year and we train them well. We need to freeze our enrollments multiple times a year, around the peak.
  • We don’t just edit the English; we live into your profile and help you develop a story/theme/case for your applications. We work with you to ensure that you furnish compelling, impeccable applications!
  • We help you create original drafts created to put your story forward. No templates are used at any stage in the process.
  • Holistic nature of consulting. Everything that’s a part of the applications process (including interview prep) is a part of our admissions consulting. Our fee includes fee for all parts of the application as well as taxes. We discuss financials just once post which, we only mentor.
  • We are, probably, the only MBA Admission Consultants in the industry to offer 100% fee-back guarantee. We obviously know what we are doing.
Recommendation: As seniors in your pursuit, we suggest that you opt for a Consultancy that you think shall give you the best guidance. If better applications get you better admits, your life may change. Besides, financially, even 5% scholarship can more-than-offset the difference you may be looking at. Trust us, such amount will not matter, at all, in the longer run. Results will!

Q: The testimonials don’t mention my target/dream school…?

A: The testimonials have been written, voluntarily, by only a small fraction of our successful students; they reflect quality but not extent of our work. Often, students don’t wish to reveal that they took professional help for the MBA Applications. In our experience thus far, we have helped students (from practically all backgrounds and 40+ nationalities) breach into each of the world’s top 150 MBA Programs.

Q: What is the best time to start the MBA Applications process?

A: There is nothing like “starting the application too early”. It’s never too early. Hence, the earlier, the better. There have been cases when students have enrolled with us with more than one year to spare. In such cases, we are also able to guide the student with several profile enhancement tips. Besides, on early enrollment, one can also obtain certain promptness discounts- the only discounts we offer.

Q: When is the schools short-listing done? Can it be done before one enrolls?

A: Before enrolling, one is given a broad idea of the nature of schools; for example: “US News top 30 MBA programs” or “US News top 15 MBA programs for Finance”. The exact school shortlisting, however, can be done only at an advanced stage when we have complete idea of a student’s preferences, constraints, skills, interests, and, most importantly, career plans.

Q: What is the usual turn-around time for the complete MBA admission consulting process?

A: Generally, 5 weeks to complete the entire process judiciously for all schools. In case the deadlines are approaching, we complete the work sooner as well. We do not charge anything extra for ‘express delivery’; we rather work as a team with the student and stretch those extra hours in the best interest of our students. Having said that, the nature of work is creative and the more time we have, the better it is.

Q: Is it fine to start the MBA application process before getting the GMAT score?

A: If you are confident of scoring well on the GMAT and sure about your decision of applying in the next application, it is fine to start the process before getting your GMAT score. This may give us more time to work on your case and also guide you in profile building. A significant number of our students opt for bundled packages and simultaneously work on their GMAT prep as well as MBA applications with us.

Q: What is the ideal number of schools to apply to?

A: That’s an important question. Some students are very aggressive and want to apply to all the top 25 schools; others are very restrictive and wish to apply to just 2-3 schools. It is important to have a balance. It is always advisable to apply to a few dream schools, a few practical ones, and 1-2 back-up schools. This way, one gets to check one’s chances in different league of schools and spreads the risk aptly. Our most popular package is our standard program for 11 schools; however, before you enroll, you will be counseled about the right number of schools you must apply to.

Q: Discounts? What if I am a reference?

A: You will appreciate that the financial matters are best left standardized. Regarding references, more than half our MBA admission consulting students are referred by our alumni.

Q: What is the process for enrollment?

A: It is strongly recommended that one completes a counseling session with a counselor before enrolling with us. After the counseling session, you will be e-mailed the program details and our company’s account details. You can transfer the fee online. The entire fee needs to be paid upfront.

Q: Does one need to take any support from any other institution, friends, family etc?

A: No, a sincere request. Stick to the guidance from your team at Experts’ Global for the best results.

Q: What is our success rate?

A: 100%. Whenever a student follows our entire guidance sincerely, the admits (generally multiple, with substantial scholarships) always follow. However, there is that one in fifty students who doesn’t take our recommendations and takes it as an essays service rather than MBA admission consulting and career counseling. We do not consider such cases in analyzing our success rate. We try our best to avoid such enrollments and hence, when we don’t get sincere vibes, we avoid enrollment.

Q: What is the profile of Mentors?

A: The Mentors are individuals who have done it all themselves and are motivated to help the next generation. Mentors at Experts’ Global are graduates from eminent schools, carry rich industry experience, are language lovers and adept communicators, and have experience of mentoring students with varied professional and cultural backgrounds into the world’s most prominent b-schools.

Q: Templates?

A: No templates. We help you create personalized, original applications that express your personal story, appurtenances, and aspirations.

Q: Is there any difference in the quality between Guarantee version and Standard version of the MBA admission consulting packages?

A: Only difference between the two versions is the fee-back guarantee; the quality, scope, and extent of mentoring remains the same.

Q: Heard that we are selective about our students. Is it true?

A: Yes. As suggested earlier, we work with a limited, pre-decided number of students every year and need to freeze the enrollments multiples times during a season. We work together when the broad expectations of the student regarding the process and potential admits/scholarships are in sync. We humbly avoid enrollment when the vibes are not positive.

Q: Is it that we work with only candidates with strong profiles and high GMAT scores?

A: No, that is an incorrect perception students get because a significant proportion of our students target the high ranked programs and carry robust GMAT scores. However, our admits range from world’s #1 to #150 and GMAT scores of our students range from 770+ to 5xx each year. As long as a student is committed to sincerely following our processes and is in agreement about the prospective admits, we are happy to help!

After burning my fingers with the perceived best MBA admission consultant in the world, I was completely unsure about my prospects of making into top ranked US B schools. I could see the marked difference that engaging with Experts’ Global has made to my application season. Honestly, I would have taken admit into any of the 10 schools you mentioned in the guarantee and am glad that I made into seven of those. I am truly grateful to you for bringing me to a level where I am deciding between which one to join among these titans of the schools. Thanks for your genuine MBA admission consulting. Akshay S. Booth, Darden, Ross, Duke, Tepper, Olin, Owen, ISB

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