Apps Work Alongside GMAT Prep: The Core Essays Approach

Need for the Core Essay Approach

It’s a very common situation that a student is preparing for the GMAT (or is contemplating a second attempt for an improved score) while the deadlines are around the corner. Every year, we have several students caught in such a situation and for the same, we have what we call our ‘Core Essays Approach’

The Way it Works

As a part of this approach, we send you a couple of questionnaires to fill. At around 90 minutes per day, you can answer the same in 10 days. You need not worry about the quality of English and just give us as many raw inputs as possible. Thereafter, you concentrate on your GMAT Preparation and simply be available for certain, telephonic, brainstorming sessions with your mentor. Over these sessions, the mentor shall build a visionary story connecting your background, short-term goals, long-term aspirations, and the need for an MBA. So, while you prepare for the GMAT, we prepare the six ‘Core Essays’- The Career Goal Essay or SOP, the Diversity Essay, the Professional Challenge Essay etc. These six essays give us a strong grounding in the applications work. Thus, once you get over with the GMAT, we can promptly shortlist the schools and transform the core work into the actual essays as per the needs of the schools.


Firstly, it gives you more time to prepare for the GMAT and removes the stress of taking the test sooner for ‘commencing’ the applications work. Secondly, it gives us due time to work; it takes us five weeks to prepare the first application and we shall still take as much time; however, we will take this time while you are preparing for the test and thus, we should be in a position to submit the applications within 10 days of your taking the GMAT. Thirdly, the quality turns out to be a shade better as the work is done in two iterations- first, for creating the core essays and second, for converting the core work into the actual essays.


The Core Essays Approach gives us more time to work on applications and more time to students to work on the GMAT. This leads to better quality of work and less pressure on the student. However, many students prefer taking one thing at a time. The verdict is that if your GMAT is schedule more than two months before your target deadlines, you have the luxury of taking one thing at a time. Else, the Core Essays Approach is needed.

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