A very major concern is scholarships. Global schools get a lot of funding from the industries and the alumni for helping the deserving candidates. In MBA admissions, the scholarships are mainly profile based. That means, if a school likes you- it offers you an admission. If it likes you a lot and has the fear of losing your candidature, it offers you admission as well as some scholarship, ranging from 10% to 100% of the tuition.

How to apply for the scholarships?

In most of the schools, you would not need to apply for scholarship and will be automatically considered for the same, as a part of the application. However, in many schools, you need to write a separate essay for applying for scholarship.

When do we get to know about the scholarship result?

Many schools declare it along with the admission results and many have a separate deadline for the same. Hence, sometimes there will be a dilemma that you have got the admission but are not clear about the status of scholarship.

Can one negotiate for scholarships?

There is no official procedure for ‘negotiating’ for scholarships but yes, you can negotiate for scholarships. The admission department of these schools is very friendly and approachable. You can have candid discussions with them and tell your situation. Sometimes, even writing an essay for scholarship- suggesting that there have been few drastic improvements in profile in past few weeks and the adcom should re-consider the candidature for scholarship, works.

How do the enrolled students benefit?

If scholarship is a main concern for my enrolled student, we help her in short listing the schools that are scholarship friendly. Moreover, different schools give weightage to different aspects while deciding on scholarships. Hence, based on a student’s profile, we make one apply to the schools where one has maximum chance of grabbing a scholarship.

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