Profile of MBA Admission Consultants

Students’ faith a badge of honor. We must live up to it!


For most individuals, MBA is the final degree and also the most valuable; stakes are high as serious investments are involved, opportunity cost is significant, and a fresh starting line in one’s corporate career is to be drawn on completion of the MBA. We understand the meaning, importance, and value of a global MBA for our students and consider this a serious responsibility. Over several years, we have chosen quality over scale and remained a small company, ensuring that our students receive authentic mentoring from proficient Mentors. We take due care that our MBA Admissions Consultants are adept at their job and are comfortable people to work with.

A professional needs to qualify the following criteria to be a Mentor at Experts’ Global…

MBAs from Eminent Business Schools
We strongly believe that to train others into excellence, one must have been there, excelled at that! No amount of passive reading and hearing others’ experiences can commensurate the firsthand experience of a global MBA. Activities in a business school can be overwhelming from outside as well as inside and only after practically undergoing the worthy experience in flesh and blood, can one guide the future generations. The qualification of an MBA degree from a prominent business school affirms that our MBA Admissions Consultants don’t guide the prospective MBAs out of virtual knowledge, common sense, or perceived assumptions; rather, they impart genuine mentoring by setting the students’ expectations right from a global MBA!

99th Percentilers on GMAT
We have had long discussions in our team, around whether a high percentile on GMAT should remain a qualifier. After all, MBA Admissions Consultants don’t need to write or teach the GMAT! However, our belief has remained that the high percentile on GMAT assures extraordinary analytical abilities and a strong grasp over the language- must haves for professionals who are to train students with diverse profiles in their pursuit of the world’s most competitive programs for graduate education. Right now, all our MBA Admissions Consultants have the 99th Percentile on GMAT.

Immense Firsthand Experience of MBA Admissions Consulting
At Experts’, before a Mentor works directly with students, one has to complete a season under the aegis of a seasoned MBA Admissions Consultant. This way, each Mentor gets serious, firsthand on the job training of working on diverse profiles for a range of MBA programs. Hence, all MBA Admission Consultants in our team have practical experience of mentoring a spectrum of profiles into different leagues of MBA programs.

Mentoring as a Career | No Part-time Jobs
On a regular basis, we receive applications from MBAs from eminent institutions for part-time arrangements and we keep telling ‘No’. We maintain that to do complete justice to the job of an MBA Admissions Consultant, one must take this up as a career; this meaningful pursuit cannot be a second priority or a weekend job for extra bucks. We all overlooked lucrative options to follow our passion for training- this is our bread and butter and we are totally committed to it!

Friendly, Easy Individuals to Work With
Students spend a lot of time with MBA Admissions Consultants and share personal details with them. A strong Mentor-Mentee relationship is crucial to an optimal outcome and therefore, we ensure that the Mentors are reasonable, friendly, and comfortable people to work with.

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