Funding The MBA

Many individuals shelve their plans of pursuing an MBA because it is a costly preposition. Some wise man once said “If you think education is costly, try ignorance”. If you get into a good business schools and use your MBA well, you can break-even in a very short span and keep getting dividends for rest of your life. Apart from growth in career, one gets to be a more competitive professional and a better individual after immense learning in a prestigious business school.

Remember, “There is always a way out”. We will tell you three…

  1. Scholarships: It is a myth that scholarships are not possible in MBA programs. Our founder has done his MBA on 100% scholarship and many individuals every year get such offers. Get a very high GMAT score, write effective applications, and crack your interview…!!
  2. Non-collateral Loans: Most of the US top 20 schools have tie-ups with banks and they help you in getting education loans without any collateral or US co-signer. These loans are on very low interest rates and need to be repaid after completion of the course.
  3. Target Economical Schools: There are several schools in US, Europe, and Asia where ROI is really good. One can earn MBA from quality schools in less than U$D 40,000.

Apart from the aforementioned options, also consider…

  • Indian government gives education loan of up to INR 20 lacs for education abroad. Up to 7.5 lacs (4 lacs in few banks) can be granted without any collateral.
  • One earns a decent amount during internships.
  • One can take several campus jobs, TA, or RA to earn living expenses.
  • Many individuals work part-time during the second year with the organization they intern with.

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