Common Scenarios when we Humbly Deny Enrollment

As a firm passionate about our work, we train only a limited number of students. Hence, whenever we find a disconnect at the pre-enrollment stage, we, humbly, decide not to pursue the registration. This helps us in ensuring that all our associations are based on positive synergy and that each of our students gets brilliant results.

The common reasons are :

Lack of a ‘student-like’ attitude

Very humbly, we don’t work with ‘clients’, we mentor ‘students’.

Casual about following processes

The reason why we are able to extend such wonderful results is our robust, detailed processes. When we find a student casual about following the process (in giving us due inputs, honoring the appointments etc), we foresee a difficult relationship going forward; hence, we simply withdraw from registering the student.

Impolite behavior

One of our four organizational values is ‘Courtesy’. We remain courteous under all circumstances and when we see any inkling of impolite behavior, we humbly deny the enrollment for good.

Excessive money talks

As a policy, our charges are fixed for all students and we do not negotiate. Mostly, students understand and appreciate that. However, when a prospective student indulges in excessive money talks, it becomes difficult for us to communicate further.

Unreasonable expectations

At the enrollment stage, we ensure providing an estimate for the possible range of admits, inclusions in the services, and the processes that one needs to follow. When we sense that a prospective student is unable to appreciate the same and has unreasonable expectations, we avoid the enrollment to avoid future complications.

Multiple points of contact

Graduate applications are mature in nature and the interaction needs to happen directly with the student. When we find parents, friends, or others interacting excessively on a student’s behalf, we understand that mentoring is going to be extremely difficult and hence, we decide not to pursue the enrollment.

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