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Are you looking for application essays that lend you the best chance for admission into your dream school? Do you seek essays which connect various dots in your profile and aspirations to design a picture that epitomize who you are and where you are going? Did you desire your essays were honest yet compelling, ethical yet incisive?

Did you wish to have a mentor who could guide you beyond simply the grammar? Someone who could analyze your profile and career plans to build a story you must recite to the admission committee? The mentor who would not only examine your essays- critically, but also suggest alternatives- precisely? Someone who would be with you during those wee hours until you are sure to press the ‘submit’ button?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, invest your faith in us to begin the work. Pay later.

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+ Brainstorming

+ Get the first essay edited | Pay @20 ₵ per word, later, if you wish

+ Work on Further Essays @20 ₵ per Word

+ Leverage the Relationship with your Mentor

+ Complementary Interview Prep


+ Is the guidance available for all undergrad and grad courses? + Is the guidance available for all undergrad and grad courses?

+ What is the profile of mentors?

+ With such high quality of work and mentors, why is the fee so low?

+ Do the students face cultural issues in working with an Indian firm?

+ Do we also provide writing support?

+ What is the turn-around time?

+ What if the student needs one more round of edits?

+ Templates?

+ Our Success Rate in producing admits?


Please understand that our work is to present your candidature in an optimal way and to get you the best you deserve- purely on merit. We assume that the information you present us with is correct and expect you to not insist on incorporating any bogus achievements/activities in your essays. Besides, please don’t insist on reading the essays of other, successful students for inspiration; this is against our privacy policy



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