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For students who are looking out for high-quality videos that are free for GMAT, here is probably the richest, the most exhaustive and organized resource you will find anywhere in the world, including the Internet. "GMAT Shots" is a new initiative by Experts’ Global to cover virtually all the GMAT concepts there are to know through comprehensive 2-minute videos. These “easy to grasp” GMAT videos are available for free and can be watched in the quiet of your room, as well as when you are on the go. These videos will undoubtedly help you strengthen your core concepts. Hence, as a GMAT aspirant, whenever you are able to spare 2 minutes, just watch these free GMAT videos and you will find that these videos do wonders for your GMAT preparation.

The Experts’ Global free GMAT videos capture the core concepts of both the Verbal and Quantitative sections on the GMAT and present the same to students through clearly delivered and easy to decipher videos. We are so certain of the quality and promise of these videos that we want to make them available to everyone who chooses to access them and are thus offering these videos for free. We understand that most students taking the GMAT are also working professionals, who are navigating stringent work deadlines and have little time to spare for GMAT preparation on a daily basis. Hence, realizing the gap that existed in training material to cater to the needs of such individuals, we put together these short and comprehensive videos. While this offering is not an alternative to the hours of dedicated preparation one needs to put in to achieve their desired GMAT score, these free GMAT videos enable one to absorb the core GMAT concepts within a very short time frame. Particularly, these free GMAT videos come to ones rescue a day before the exam, when one has exhausted all GMAT preparation material and wishes to revise or clear doubts. At such a point, these videos can prove to be a true companion of sorts.

We strongly recommend that you do not lose out on such an opportunity and bookmark this page and keep coming back to it for either learning new concepts or for revising the same. This free GMAT material, a part of our GMAT online program, and something unheard of in the industry thus far, can be of great value for anyone and everyone, irrespective of whether you have opted for a complete GMAT preparation program with any of the GMAT prep companies or have chosen to pursue your prep without any external help. The “GMAT Shots” have been created by Experts’ Global post years of experience with GMAT training and we truly hope that these free GMAT preparation videos help you in your pursuit for a good GMAT score and you enjoy your studies through these.

We wish you the very best for your preparation through these free GMAT videos and truly encourage you to use them.

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