10 Most Common Mistakes in an MBA Interview

This is probably the most important video in the MBA Interview Preparation series. Watch it carefully to avoid the common mistakes committed by applicants in delivering interviews. The guidelines discussed in this video will enable you to develop the right outlook towards MBA interviews.

10 Most Common Mistakes in an MBA Interview

Avoid these 10 Most Common Mistakes During an MBA Interview
MBA Interview Preparation will help candidates to give winning interviews. Getting an interview call is half the battle won and with these MBA Interview Preparation tips by MBA Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global, candidates can avoid 10 common mistakes during an admission interview. .

Lack of Expression
One of the most common mistakes that candidates must work on during MBA Interview Preparation, is to keep guards on during the interview. During the course of MBA Interview Preparation candidates must get adept at putting the fear of being judged aside. Candidates must not try to get away with laconic answers and provide clear, specific takeaways for the Admissions Committee.

This mistake must be sufficiently addressed during the course of MBA Interview Preparation. Candidates must not narrate long stories that kill the time limit and rather emphatically state clear takeaways for the interviewer. During MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must practise the art of succinctly responding to any question within two minutes, or less.

Beating Around the Bush
This mistake is closely related to verbosity and must be addressed at the time of MBA Interview Preparation. Candidates should not speak a lot, provide excessive details, and lose the plot. The answer must address the question and do effect this in the best possible manner, it is essential to be to the point and articulate thoughts well. Moreover, candidates must not provide extremely technical answers because not everyone on the Admissions Committee with be well-versed with their field of expertise. During MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must put a conscious effort to refrain from using jargons. This video on MBA Interview Preparation made by MBA Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global explains the concept in detail.

Uni-Dimensional Answers
Candidates must provide rich answers that cover varied aspects of their personality. Preparing a list of qualities and working around these during MBA Interview Preparation can equip candidates with strong stories.

Sounding Unprepared
This common mistake arises due to poor MBA Interview Preparation and conveys lack of retrospection, introspection, and contemplation.

Lack of Takeaways for the Interviewer
This point is closely linked to all the points mentioned above. Thorough MBA Interview Preparation is required to provide interviewers concrete takeaways revolving around career.

Mistakes in Etiquette
While the interview is often a friendly conversation, candidates should not assume liberties. It is important to be respectful, polite. Moreover, they should neither patronize the Admissions Committee nor indulge in an argument.

Not Having a Convincing Self-Description
One of the most common questions to start the interview is, ‘Tell me something about yourself.’ During MBA Interview Preparation candidates must practise so as not to provide long, never-ending answers, think while speaking, or go back and forth in time at the time of the interview.

Weak Answers to Key Questions
A lot of stress must be given to formulate answers for common questions seeking reasons for pursuing MBA, choice of the school, post MBA goals, strengths, weaknesses, or examples of formative events during MBA Interview Preparation.

Mishandling Awkward Moments
Despite solid MBA Interview Preparation, there can be moments when candidates are caught unprepared. If the interviewer grills harder, candidates must be willing to answer all the cross questions confidently and accept feedback with humility. Candidates must neither get defensive nor argue at the time of the interview.

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