10 Most Frequently Asked Questions in an MBA Interview

In this short video, grasp the 10 most frequently asked questions in MBA interviews. Preparing answers to these 10 interesting questions will give you a strong foundation in your MBA Interview Preparation, instill in your greater confidence to speak to your interviewer, and prevent you from making inadvertent errors.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions in an MBA Interview

MBA Interviews: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
In this article, MBA Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global discuss some of the most frequently asked interview questions. Moreover, they also offer MBA Interview Preparation guidance to follow the correct approach in answering these questions. The information is also covered in this video.

Tell me someting about yourself
This question seeks insight into varied dimensions of the candidate’s personality. During MBA Interview Preparation, candidates can prepare highlights of their personal life, where they hail from, share interesting facts about themselves in brief, and provide an overview of their academic as well as professional sphere.

Run me through your resume
This is a formal version of the above question and the answer revolves around the candidate’s career trajectory. By indulging in dedicated MBA Interview Preparation, candidates can prepare up to 20 highlights of their career and use the most distinguishing characteristics of professional achievements to address this question. Remember, the response must be provided within two minutes.

Why you want to pursue an MBA
Many candidates struggle with the question but good MBA Interview Preparation can train them to identify reasons and articulate them effectively. A list of professional aspirations such as acquiring cross-functional acumen, global perspectives, analytical bent, people management skills, etc. that one wishes to strengthen as part of the program can help candidates to present a rich and convincing answer to the Admissions Committee.

Why do you want to pursue an MBA from our Business School?
By asking this question, the Admissions Committee needs to ensure that candidates have done significant research on the program, the school is their top choice, and their career goals are in sync with the strengths of the program. During MBA Interview Preparation candidates must ensure that the above points are practised well and presented in an enthusiastic, convincing manner.

What are your Strengths?
Admissions Consultants at Experts Global stress on developing a solid, positive answer to this, and the succeeding question, during MBA Interview Preparation. To provide an impactful answer, it is a good idea to exemplify the story with examples of leadership or significant career achievements.

What are Your Weaknesses?
Many candidates get nervous when it comes to answering this commonly asked question. Thorough MBA Interview Preparation is required for such topics. A good approach is to provide an example from your career. Providing a takeaway and learning and stating how the candidate has improved since is very important to answer this question effectively. They must maintain a positive tone while answering this question.

What are Your MBA Short-term Goals?
To answer this question, candidates must clearly state their desired profile and industry and avoid generic answers.

What is Your Long-term Objective?
The approach to answering this question is similar to the one described above. Candidates must provide clarity and show enthusiasm with regards to their aspirations.

Describe a challenge you faced. How did you overcome it?
Thorough MBA Interview Preparation is required while answering such delicate questions. Without feeling nervous or getting defensive, candidates can narrate a situation in a positive manner by stressing upon their learning because of the incident. Clear takeaways are key to strong answers to the Challenge Story.

What questions do you have for the Admissions Committee?
Candidates must not get too personal, start a reverse interview, seek counselling, ask questions around chances of selection, ask placement-related questions, or seek information about the program. It is a good idea to ask nuanced questions related to the program if such information is not adequately provided on the school site.

What is the most peculiar aspect of your candidature?
This question is an opportunity to tell the Admissions Committee about unconventional work experience, unique international experience, frequent job changes, low GPA, GMAT, second masters degree, or reasons for being too early or too late for an MBA.

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