Being liked and being selected are somewhere inter-related. Watch this interesting video to attain the right etiquette for MBA Interviews. The pointers discussed in this video will help your MBA Interview preparation, and, in turn, enable you to have a positive impact on your interviewer.

MBA Admission Consultants Share Tips on MBA Interview Etiquette

Etiquette and Preparation - Keys to a successful MBA Interview.

Remember, that being liked and being selected are somewhere related and so, during MBA Interview Preparation candidates must have a thorough understanding of MBA Interview Etiquette that is called for before, during, and after the interview. Good MBA Interview Preparation involves understanding interview etiquette to acknowledge the interview invitation promptly; no more than two business days must be taken to respond to these emails. While writing a reply, begin with a greeting, convey thanks for the opportunity, and sound happy, inspired, and positive. In case you have a preference for a particular day or time slot, put forth the request in a polite, flexible manner. It is important to have a sober email ID comprising of a combination of the candidate’s name, surname, and numbers. Avoid childish or cheesy email ids at all cost. Name yourself correctly in all communication.

Thorough MBA Interview Preparation will guide candidates on email etiquette; good emails must begin with a greeting, have a polite time, be written to the point, and have proper formatting and logically separated paragraphs. Moreover, candidates must acknowledge all communication promptly and as far as possible, the last response must be from them. Be careful of typos, fancy fonts, and unappealing font colours.

Skype Interviews

Here are some MBA Interview Preparation tips to prepare for a Skype interview. Arrange your set-up in a well-lit room with a sober background. Good MBA Interview Preparation involves readying candidates for any unforeseen circumstance during which the candidate must act with poise. Resultantly, have necessary back-up for power, internet, skype, camera, microphone, and speaker equipment. During MBA Interview Preparation for a Skype interview, candidates rehearse properly and seek advice from mentors with regards to their speech, camera settings, light, or any other suggestions to make a better impression. On the day of the interview, candidates must be ready on their desk 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment. It is advisable to wear formal attire; a shade more formal is better than a shade less so.

Personal Interview

During the interview, candidates must greet the committee with enthusiasm but shake hands only if they are offered to. They must address the members formally and sound polite and willing to answer the questions; they should not have their guards on as this hampers the interview process and leaves a negative impression. Other key tips that must be practised during MBA Interview Preparation are to never interrupt a question mid-way and to ensure a two-second pause between questions to compose thoughts before answering. Positive body language and healthy eye contact are integral to making a lasting impression.

When given an opportunity to ask questions to the Admissions Committee, candidates must not get too personal, start a reverse interview, seek counselling, ask questions around chances of selection, ask placement-related questions, or seek information about the program. Asking such questions reflects lack of maturity and research. Candidates can come up with nuanced questions related to peculiar program features, centres of excellence, particular student activity, or unique opportunities such as student exchange, or consulting projects if such information is not adequately provided on the school site. If they do not have any questions, stating prior research of the program using resources such as school website, current student or alumni inputs and online forums, is a good idea. After the interview, candidates must send a thank-you email. Detailed information on MBA Interview Preparation is covered in this video.

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