Use this MBA Interview Preparation video to brush up on 25 final tips before appearing for an MBA Interview. The tips touched upon in this very comprehensive video will help you polish up your skills and enable you to appear for your MBA interview with increased confidence.

25 Final Tips Before Your MBA Interview

MBA Interview Preparation is crucial to give successful interviews. In this article, MBA Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global provide well-rounded guidance on MBA Interview Preparation.

The correct approach to be adopted throughout the interview is to remember that it is a grave mistake to try to out-wit or interrupt the interviewer at any point. Even if there is an awkward moment, you must deal with it gracefully without getting into any kind of argument with the interview. Significant part of MBA Interview Preparation must be devoted to clarity and pace of speech as well as body language. You must be at your cordial best and it goes without saying that you must show up on time and greet the committee properly. At the time of MBA Interview Preparation, consciously practise sounding positive, happy, and energetic. This video on MBA Interview Preparation explains this topic in detail.

During MBA Interview Preparation, have a rich self-description because ‘Tell me something about yourself’ is often the first question in an interview. Moreover, have clear answers to the standard personality questions on strengths, weaknesses, and one unique virtue. Take a two-second pause before answering each question and practise this approach well during MBA Interview Preparation. It is advisable to prepare a list of 20 giveaways to the interviewer and have an approach for the interview in which you have covered all the significant points to be discussed for varied commonly asked questions. Practise answering these questions during MBA Interview Preparation but not prepare a script as this will not lend a natural flow to the discussions. Moreover, there is high likelihood to go wrong, or get cold feet, with scripted answers.

During MBA Interview Preparation ensure that you avoid very long or very short answers and do not keep harping on the same, uni-dimensional one or two points. Instead, MBA Interview Preparation must make you ready with good talking points to provide rich, multidimensional answers. Moreover it is important to go over precise career goals, that match with information provided in application essays, during MBA Interview Preparation. It also makes sense to be prepared with a Plan B because sometimes Admissions Committee asks candidates to elaborate alternate options in case their immediate goals do not materialize. If you are showcasing entrepreneurship as a career goal, do your homework carefully at the time of MBA Interview Preparation.

It is important to have two to five stories ready to narrate to the Admissions Committee. The common situational questions around leadership, professional challenge, failure, and ethical dilemma must be rehearsed at the time of the MBA Interview Preparation. In case you are asked a factual question for which you do not have an answer, avoid guesswork. If you don’t know an answer, you must humbly confess rather than bluff. If you need some time to prepare, request time. A significant tip is that if one answer goes bad, do not lose confidence and continue with the rest of the interview by maintaining a positive approach. Prepare up to two nuanced questions to ask the Admissions Committee. The information you seek must not be listed anywhere on the school’s website or as such easily available. Remember to send a thank you email post the interview!

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