A General Approach Towards MBA Interview Preparation

Interviews are a crucial part of the MBA Applications process. This detailed conceptual video on MBA Interview Preparation shall help you in achieving a broad perspective for your MBA Interview Preparation and orient you towards the same.

A General Approach Towards MBA Interview Preparation

Holistic Guidance on MBA Interview Preparation

MBA Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global help candidates with all aspects of the application process. This article details holistic guidance on MBA Interview preparation. MBA Admissions Consultants suggest that there are two key points that are at the heart of MBA Interview Preparation. The first is that candidates must convince the Admissions Committee that they are good enough to be a part of the school’s cohort. To effect this, candidates must focus on confidence building exercises during MBA Interview Preparation and be prepared with a list of qualities that they would like to highlight to the Admissions Committee. The second-most important factor in giving a winning interview is that candidates must convince the Admissions Committee that they are deeply interested to partake in the offerings of the school. This article provides a big picture of the general approach for MBA Interview preparation.

Have the Correct Mindset

It is important to present a confident and positive representation of your personality to the Admissions Committee. MBA Interview Preparation using tips shared by MBA Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global is aimed at grooming candidates to put their best foot forward. Candidates must not be scared, nervous, or reticent at the time of the interview and rather consider it as an opportunity to express themselves and allow the Admissions Committee to know them better. Applying for an MBA, right from taking GMAT to writing MBA Application Essays, is a meaningful journey that requires careful introspection. So, during MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must ensure that they do proper groundwork and showcase eagerness and willingness to be a worthy business leader. Global B-School interviews are different than academic or subject-matter interviews and candidates must view the process as an interactive discussion and not a viva.

Gain Clarity

Some common interview questions that start the discussion are aimed at knowing more about the candidate and hence, they should be prepared for questions such as ‘Tell me something about yourself,’ or ‘Run me through your resume. For these reasons, during MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must prepare to speak about their career highlights, strengths, areas of improvement, functional area, trends, challenges, or future trajectory. While answering these questions, candidates must sound confident and bank on their experience. There is no reason to be nervous.


During MBA Interview Preparation, it is important to practise answering questions that seek to find reasons for the candidate’s desire to pursue MBA, choice of the program, key takeaways they seek from an MBA, career goals including specific profile and industry after graduation. During MBA Interview Preparation candidates must focus on providing convincing mid-term and long-term career goals and discuss the impact that they wish to leave on their functional area. Business schools seek visionary leaders and an impactful, passionate vision will help candidates stand out.

Have Stories to Tell

Remember that one fine example is worthier than a dozen claims and so, during MBA Interview Preparation candidates must have prepared to articulate succinctly on three to four stories such as professional challenge, cross-functional, cross-cultural, leadership, and ethical dilemma. To aid this process, during MBA Interview Preparation, candidates can make a list of 20 things that they would like to tell the Admissions Committee. Make a list and elaborate on these. A suggested list is provided in this video.

Practice and Improvise

Rehearsing in front of a mirror, recording one’s narrative, seeking guidance from a mentor are key steps of good MBA Interview Preparation. Candidates must relax on the eve of the interview and avoid any stress or anxiety. If applying to multiple schools, the first interview can provide a great learning experience. Apply this learning to subsequent interviews.

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