How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself Question in an MBA Interview

Watch this video to understand the correct approach for answering a very popular question - "Tell Us About Yourself". The tips offered in this MBA Interview Preparation video will help you frame a well-structured response to this question and set the tone of your interviews.

How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself Question in an MBA Interview

Answering the Tell Me Something About Yourself Question
One of the chief objectives of investing significant time and energy into MBA Interview Preparation is to equip oneself with the confidence to be able to anticipate and answer most of the questions that are likely to be asked at the admission interview. Most interviews start with this question, or other variations of it, and candidates must be prepared to provide multidimensional answers that touch upon varied facets of their life. Putting significant effort into MBA Interview Preparation to have a good answer for this question in place is essential to make a strong first impression on the Admissions Committee.

In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes and the correct approach to be adopted during MBA Interview Preparation to ensure that candidates answer this question effectively. Managers are suave talkers and especially when a question invites one to share details from the personal or professional sphere, the answers must flow naturally. That said, it is also important to practice during MBA Interview Preparation so that the answer to this question doesn’t end up becoming a never-ending, long narrative. All answers to MBA Interview questions must be finished in two minutes at the most. This video on MBA Interview Preparation contains detailed description on answering this particular question.

One of the most common mistakes that candidates commit is to show unpreparedness for this extremely common question. This blunder conveys lack of retrospection, introspection, and contemplation and can lead to a bad start, which in turn can affect the rest of the candidate’s interview. Therefore, it is prudent to invest quality time into MBA Interview Preparation.

MBA Interview Preparation must provide candidates with real-time practice to ensure that they do not give verbose, never-ending answers. Other common mistakes that can be overcome through dedicated MBA Interview Preparation are thinking while speaking, or going back and forth in time at the time of the interview.

The correct approach is to take a pause before answering to consolidate thoughts before answering. Moreover, candidates must provide takeaways to the interviewers. This is an opportunity to make an impact and the candidates must provide interesting points that can drive further part of the interview. They must try to incorporate a list of some virtues that are key to managerial pursuits.

Not providing a convincing self-description or answers that lack of takeaways for the interviewer are deal breakers and for this reason, during the course of MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must pay adequate attention to planning their stories, framing their answers, and presenting them through a well-timed yet natural manner to provide interviewers concrete takeaways revolving around career.

During MBA Interview Preparation, candidates must prepare themselves to provide a macro view of their life and personality by choosing one or two sentences each that cover the highlights of their personal, academics, professional, and co-curricular sphere. It is important to end the answer on an interesting note that can probably decide the further course of the interview.

There are several variants of this question that ask candidates to introduce themselves, run the Admissions Committee through their resume, describe their professional experience, or describe their current career involvements. Follow-up questions can be based on a unique aspect of the candidate’s personality, be it a request to elaborate on the career role, or other conventional questions shared in this video

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