Aditya Birla Scholarship

The Aditya Birla Group Scholarship Programme, instituted in 1999, aims to select bright and talented future leaders of tomorrow. It epitomises the philosophy of Late Aditya Birla, the founder of Aditya Birla Group and his vision towards nurturing excellence. The scholarship is rooted in the Indian values and has a global vision. It focuses on experimenting and innovation, so that the future leaders of India can be mentored and trained with professional excellence.
The scholarship functions in coordination with several educational institutes such as BITS (Pilani), IITs, IIMs, XLRI and law campuses. The scholarship program is not just about academic excellence as it takes into account the professional and extra-curricular achievements of the individuals also. Till now there have been 28 Aditya Birla Scholars, who have bought laurels and further professional excellence in their work.

Scholarship Package:
The scholarship amount for
IIMs / XLRI Rs. 1, 75,000 per annum
IIT / BITS (Pilani): Rs 65,000 per annum
LAW Rs. 1, 80,000 per annum
The scholarship funds are administered by the dean/director of the institution. All funds are sent directly to them for appropriate disbursal.

Selection Procedure
The following processes are entailed in the scholarship:
1. Applicants: Approximately 160 students from the IIMs and XLRI, 160 students from the IITs and BITS (Pilani) and 80 students from law campuses are evaluated on the basis of the information given in the application form. Their academic and extra-curricular excellence is given a lot of weightage.
2. The essays written by the student play a pivotal role in securing their eligibility for the scholarship. The candidates are short-listed on the basis of it.
3. Shortlisted students are invited for an interview, which then selects 16 students each from – engineering and management and 8 from law who will be selected as Aditya Birla Scholars.

Skilled Independent Visa
This type of work permit (unlike most others) does not require the employer to sponsor the employee in anyway. After Australia had a huge shortfall in the number of skilled labourers, such incentives were provided. The individual has to score at least 60 points on a points-based assessment to be eligible for this visa type.

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa
It is a temporary visa. It is basically issued to those individuals who possess the skills to improve Australia’s workforce by working in a specific region. The important criteria is to be eligible for this visa includes:
• Being sponsored by a relative or the employer
• Being prepared to work in a specific region for a minimum of 1 year.

On going Performance assessment
The renewal of the Aditya Birla Scholarship is assessed on both qualitative and quantitative parameters to judge the merit and excellence of the student on the academic as well as leadership front. This assessment then plays a vital role in determining the continuation of the disbursement of the Scholarship amount and the honour of continuing as “The Aditya Birla Scholar”. The assessment is done every year until the completion of the course.


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