K.C. Mahindra Scholarships

The trustees of K.C. Mahindra Education Trust offer interest-free scholarships to Indian nationals to pursue post-graduate studies abroad. Since its inception, the trust has relentlessly worked on promoting literacy and higher education in India. It aims to improve the lives of people, across age and income strata, so that they can be empowered and pulled out from the morass of their daily living. Over the years, the trust has played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and quantity of girl child education in India. Thus, established way back in 1950s, the trust has changed the lives of thousands of under-privileged students and helped in materializing their dreams.
The Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship has enabled approximately 7,000 students hailing from lower socio-economic groups to pursue various job-oriented diploma courses at recognized Government Polytechnics in India on a yearly basis. It is mandatory for the students to have passed their 10th and 12th examinations, along with securing admission in the government Polytechnics. The selected students are endowed with Rs 10,000 on an annual basis for three years to ensure that the students are able to meet their educational requirements. There are 550 such scholarships available which are conferred to meritorious students depending on their respective potential.
Started in 1983, the Mahindra Search for Talent Scholarship is provided to the students who have achieved the highest marks in the selected 32 education institutions across the country.

K.C. Mahindra UWC Scholarship
The K.C. Mahindra UWC Scholarship plays an exemplary role by selecting the outstanding students, aged 16 to 18 years, to study at their Mahindra United World College. International education is imparted at such world colleges and the selected students get the opportunity to experience it.

K.C. Mahindra Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies
The K.C. Mahindra Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies awards interest-free loans of up to Rs. 200,000 to the selected graduates for pursuing their higher post-graduate studies abroad. Initiated in 1956, the preference is given to those students who crave to pursue higher studies abroad in streams which are not prevalent in India. Nearly 1,200 students have benefitted from this scholarship scheme till date. It has enabled them to secure Masters and PhD degrees in the leading educational institutes of the world.

Mahindra Fellows Fund
The Mahindra Fellows Fund was established in 2010 to offer interest-free scholarship of Rs. 500,000 – 800,000 to the top 3 most deserving recipients of the KC Mahindra Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies Abroad. 16 such Fellows have been recipients of the funds till date.

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