Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation was established in 1976 by Mr. Indoo Shivdasani as a Charitable Trust in Liechtenstein. The aim of the foundation was to bring together the philanthropic work of the founder and endow a permanent platform for such endeavours. The main focus area of the foundation is to select the students who have exemplary track record in both academics and extra-curricular and polish them, so that they can attain newer and better heights. The foundation selects young scholars from India to funds them to pursue their research or post-graduate studies abroad. More than 350 scholars have been selected in the past three decade with this scholarship scheme.  The entire scholarship has been designed in such a way that several subjects and universities get the needed preference. Eventually, it is believes that the sharpening of the intellect of an individual is very essential for the overall development process.

The awards and scholarships are granted under the Take-Off-Grant Scheme, under which students are funded to carry out their research in India. In addition to it, the Foundation has also established links with FTII and IITs, and the exemplary students are selected from these institutions for funding. For further studies in India, the Foundation awards scholarships in the field of Film Studies, Theatre, Art and Sports. The scholarships are also provided for pursuing courses in the top universities of UK, UK and Europe. The scholarships are up to of $85,000 or equivalent.

The Foundation also has joint scholarships with School of Oriental and Asian Studies in London (SOAS), Royal College of Art (RCA), Imperial College in London and UNIDEE, Pistoletto Foundation, in Italy. A Board of Trustees manage the Inlaks Foundation and the operations in India are managed by the Inlaks India Foundation. With the Inlaks Research Grant, the PhD scholars can take short trips to the universities abroad and add to their research work.

There are two types of scholarship provided by the institution

University Courses
These are for the top most universities in UK, US and Europe

Specific Programs
These programs are related to research, training, and professional development and are not related with the particular university. The Foundation funds for such courses, too. It is not necessary that these programs would lead to a degree. To avail the funding for this, the candidates need to describe and break-down their travel costs and other expenditure, as demanded by the Foundation, to get the scholarship.


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