Is a high GMAT score necessary?

Good GMAT score is a prerequisite. While a high GMAT score does not guarantee you a place, a low GMAT score definitely defies you a place. Other important factors such as your application essays, letter of recommendations, university grades, quality and length of work experience, extra-curricular ventures etc also play a vital role in selection.

Schools look for an impressive overall personality, formed by the amalgam of one’s academics, work experience, and extra-curricular activities. You need to convince the admission committee that you are in the right shape to make optimum use of their MBA curriculum and go on to be a good alumnus.

In your application essays, there should be a clear link among your past, future plans, and MBA. Once this link is ready, it becomes very easy to write application essays and face the interviews.
Remember, end of the day, you need to be liked by the admission committee. If so, you will be through!!

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