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Quant: Geometry on GMAT

Here is a set of free short videos for stepwise preparation of Geometry on GMAT. For a more detailed treatment of the topic, you may want to opt for our GMAT online course or our GMAT test series of 15 mock tests.

Angles - Lines

Angles - Triangles

Angles - Ploygons

Basic Properties of Triangles

Basic Properties of Quadrilaterals

Basic Properties of Isosceles, Equilateral, and Right Triangles

Basic Properties of Circles

Basic Properties of Congruent and Similar Traingles

GMAT's Favorite Right Triangles

an Interesting Question Type on Triangles

Another Important Question Type on Triangles

Area of Overlapping Regions I

Area of Overlapping Regions Ii

Difference Between Prism and Pyramids

How to Find "Curved Surface" Area of Any Solid

How to Find "Total Surface" Area of Any Solid

How to Find the "Volume" of Any Solid

Properties of Sphere and Hemisphere

An Important Concept on Solids


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