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Are you looking for application essays that lend you the best chance for admission into your dream school? Do you seek essays which connect various dots in your profile and aspirations to epitomize your story? Did you desire your essays were honest yet compelling, ethical yet incisive?

Do you wish you had a mentor who could guide you beyond simply the grammar? Someone who could analyze your profile and career plans to build a story you must recite to the admission committee? The mentor who would not only examine your essays- critically, but also suggest alternatives- precisely? Someone who would be with you during those wee hours until you are sure to press the ‘submit’ button? Besides, did you wish to have an assurance for final admits; an assurance as substantive as a 100% fee-back in absence of a final offer letter?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, invest your faith in us and follow the mentoring sincerely to get the best possible admits/scholarships vis-à-vis your profile and scores

Please fill the Inquiry Form on the left toolbar to help us know you better and personalize the Guarantee Statement for you. We shall not promise you the earth and the sky but rest assured, the admits and scholarships you achieve shall be significantly better than what we ‘Guarantee’ you

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I was initially doubtful if the extremely ambitious Guarantee shall be met, especially with my dearth of knowledge about the applications process and limited time to devote with my demanding job. But my fears were unfounded as my assigned mentor put me at ease immediately. He was experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Experts’ helped me understand what I wanted from an MBA, what I wanted from my future, and where I wanted to see my career go. They also talked to me several times to help me understand the entire process. Unlike other services they did not rush to offer me help with the applications. They took time in understanding and evaluating my profile, thus helping me select the right set of schools. I got all the help I wanted in preparing essays, applications and interviews. I applied to 10 schools and with a conventional profile and non-extraordinary 720 on GMAT, got admits from eight of them, all thanks to Experts’ team

– Deepti Saripalli, Darden, Tepper, Emory ($70k Scholarship), Washington Olin ($80k Scholarship), Boston University ($70k Scholarship), Kelley ($40k Scholarship), Smeal (GA + Tuition Waiver), Maryland Smith ($60k Scholarship)


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