MS Admissions Counselling

Applying to US Universities and Beyond…

Applying to global institutions for higher education is deemed a complex task. A group of seasoned professionals who have been-there-done-that, help you prepare your candidature for higher studies from the world’€™s most eminent institutions. Year after year, we have lived up to our commitment and vision that A student must get the best possible admit on the merit of one‒s background, score, and skills. In case you decide to work with us, simply be a sincere student and follow the processes; you shall achieve your best possible admits that way!

Here is a detailed overview of the organized process involved in applying to US Universities and other global institutions with us€¦

+ Extracting Raw Information

+ Brainstorming and Career Counselling

+ University Shortlisting

+ Preparation of MS Applications

+ Recommendation Letters, Resume, Online Application Forms, Peripheral Documents

+ Quality Assurance

+ Interview Preparation, if Needed

Profile of the Mentors

The mentors at Experts’ Global, consulting students for their applications to graduate schools have…

a) Scored the 99th Percentile on GRE/GMAT and been through the demanding applications process for admissions into the global universities. With the wealth of graduate education from premium global universities and worthy corporate experience, these mentors- seniors in your pursuit- are equipped to provide genuine guidance regarding your admission into a global university and the career beyond it.

b) Helped hundreds of students attain their dream for global graduate education. Applying to graduate schools yourself and helping others apply, often, be two different virtues. With the experience of helping a significant number of students every year to US Universities and other global institutions, these mentors have deep expertise in working with students with diverse backgrounds, opting for education in different disciplines and geographies!

Why go for MS Admission Counselling at all?

Applying to US Universities or other global institutions is deemed a complex task for some valid reasons. There are hundreds of prominent universities offering concentrations in the very same discipline and all have their merits and drawbacks. No one set of schools fit all candidates and thorough research and expertise go into short-listing the schools and personalizing a student’s case for each institution.

The project of applying for MS Programs worldwide requires serious knowledge of hundreds of universities, their forte, their lacuna, the job prospects, and so much more. With several years of admissions consulting experience and hundreds of success stories, we ourselves get to learn a thing or two in every application cycle. Taking admissions consulting help from seasoned professionals who understand the rigorous applications process can decide the fate of your graduate education and, in turn, your career ahead!

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