Fee-back Guarantee

Out of every 15 students who go through all the stages of preparation as per the customized study plans, 14 get a desired GMAT score. These figures have strengthened our faith in the concept and we have decided to guarantee your success in GMAT!

“If you complete all the three stages of preparation in the stipulated period, as per the study plan that we prepare for you and still land-up with an undesired GMAT score, we will return 100% of the fee”.

Stipulated period depends on your initial level and the number of hours that you can devote to study. The study plans are customized accordingly. Desired GMAT score depends on your initial level, which we test through a preliminary test. The minimum guaranteed scores for the different levels of preliminary test scores are mentioned in the table below:

Preliminary Test Score Guaranteed Minimum Score
650+ 720
610-650 700
560-600 660
510-550 630
460-500 600
410-450 570
310-400 550
300 and below 500

For re-takers, the guarantee is limited to an improvement of 100 points for sub-500 scores, 60 points for sub-600 scores, and 40 points for sub-690 scores. Guaranteed Minimum Score takes luck-factor into account. Thus, please do not confuse it with what you are likely to score with us. In all probability, you will score considerably higher than what we guarantee.

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