GMAT Doubt Solving Sessions

In our pursuit to help the students self-prepare for GMAT, we conduct a weekly online doubt solving session open for all the Guidance Program and Classroom Program students. A trainer with the 99th percentile on the GMAT conducts these personalized GMAT tutoring sessions for sorting any doubts or for explaining any concepts a student may be facing difficulty in grasping

As our study material is self explanatory, the students generally feel the need for the doubt clarification sessions, the attendance in these weekly doubt solving sessions is very low. Thus, one can expect personalized attention from the trainer in a very small group of students and often, one on one interaction is possible

We encourage the students to use this offering to complement their preparation through our robust study material and recorded/live training sessions. Please RSVP well in advance to help us guide you with the access to these online sessions and clarify any technology related issues

This approach is an important part of our way of mentoring where the ‘lecturing’ is done out of the classroom, in form of the Recorded Video Sessions and the personalized attention in these GMAT Tutoring sessions is used for ‘discussions’ to solve the doubts that a student faces

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