A few programs ask for a set of slides as a part of the applications process. Use this video to learn how to create slides for your MBA Applications. The tips shared in this video will help you produce a strong application and make the most of the opportunity.

How to Prepare Slides for MBA Admissions

Slideshows are not typically asked for parts of the MBA admissions process but that does not mean that when they are asked for they are any less important. They should be taken as another opportunity to present your story and your case for your candidature to the admission committee.

First, let us take a look at some of the common mistakes made by people when compiling these slides. Firstly, there is the matter of structure. It is typical to find slideshows that fail to structure themselves around a theme. The theme, of course, is you. These slides, typically four, are supposed to be telling the committee something about you. If you fail to centre them on a common theme, it suggests a lack of purpose in you or at the very least; a lack of communication skills, neither of which is something the committee wants to see in a prospective student. Another very common mistake is to make your slides too busy. With only four slides to work with, you need to decide what information is worth including, and not cram in as much content as possible. Your slides also need to be pleasant to look at for you will not be winning the committee over if you give them a headache with gaudy colors, bad formatting, and illegible fonts.

The right way to structure a slide is to treat it as four distinct but complementary pieces of information about yourself - four slides explaining the four dimensions to you. The first three dimensions should include your personal history, academic history, and professional history and for the fourth, you can focus on extracurricular activities, community service, or anything that you have engaged with beyond the scope of your academic or professional career. Another possible way to structure your presentation it is to focus on four things that are important to you - four values, four defining moments of your life, four key accomplishments, four guiding beliefs, four of anything you feel that make you stand out and stand out well.

Broadly speaking, there are some very simple things you can do to avoid problems with your slides. To begin with, you must keep the slides neat. Like all things associated with this admission process, your slides are supposed to look extremely professional, that means proper spacing, proper margins, and readable fonts. Instead of paragraphs, you must use bullet points; a slide is supposed to be like a billboard, it is supposed to grab your attention and convey its message with just one look. You should use a good color scheme for the slide; if you have a good aesthetic sense this is the time to use it, and if you do not, it is a bad time to try and connect with your inner Picasso. Keep it simple and straightforward and if at all possible, use personalized pictures instead of stock pictures. You can embed or link to videos if you want, but make sure it is your own I.P, for if it is not then you will have to leave proper references.

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