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How to Answer Why this School in MBA Applications Essays

How to Answer 'Why this School?'

Experts' Global's MBA admissions consultants have seen SOPs prepared by innumerable students and one particular weakness that they have noticed time and time again is the answers that these students have given to the question, "Why do you want to study at this school?" Many applicants fail to provide sufficiently rich responses to the “Why this School?” question in their essays and this represents a significant shortcoming in the same. Admissions committees place a fair bit of importance on the sync between the applicant and the program; so, it is vital that you be able to suggest that you will be a good fit for the program that you are applying to and vice versa.

This article will cover the importance of making it clear that your decision to pursue an MBA from a particular business school is well thought out and the correct approach for the same.


As has been stated already, the admissions committee will take a good bit of interest in the reasons that you provide for your interest in their specific MBA program. The committee will do so because the reasons that you provide will tell them a lot about the quality of your candidature and you as a professional. The committee members will, naturally, favor candidates who they feel will prove to be a good fit for the program as such candidates will stand to benefit the most from the business school's instruction, which will be beneficial for both the candidate and the business school; that is why the reasons that you provide for applying must show a sync between your profile and career goals and the strengths of the MBA program. If you can show that your profile and goals are well aligned with what the program has to offer, you will be able to display that you have the potential to be a worthy student and alumnus. Being able to provide strong reasons for your decision to pursue that particular MBA program will also project a good image of you as a candidate by suggesting that you possess maturity in your decision-making skills and are pursuing your MBA with a clear sense of purpose.

The Correct Approach

Before you can explain to the admissions committee why you wish to attend a particular business school, you must be able to explain it to yourself. You need to begin by gaining conviction in your own decision to invest serious time and money and undertake a significant opportunity cost in order to attend the MBA program that you are applying to. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that admissions committees prize authenticity; the reasons that you provide must be genuine and well thought out.

One very efficient method of presenting strong reasons is to link your career goals, learning needs and inspiration with the strengths of the MBA program. This method grounds your desire to pursue an education from that business school in terms of concrete requirements, strengthening your response. Of course, in order to link your goals, needs, and inspirations to the strengths of the MBA program you must have a good understanding of the MBA program's offerings. In fact, it would be best if you made sure to have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the program before you begin your applications. Showing the committee that you have taken adequate steps to understand the program is an excellent way to display maturity, forethought, and a number of other virtues that are highly prized by the committee.

At this stage, it is important to keep in mind that only providing one or two reasons will not suffice; make sure to include a full bouquet of reasons as to why you wish to seek admission to whichever MBA program you are applying to. A healthy variety of reasons will serve to add greater dimension and authenticity to your application.

The best approach to answering "Why this School?" is to begin by answering "Why an MBA?"; list at least four reasons why you wish to pursue an MBA and why you feel that this is the right point in your career to do so. Below, you will find a glossary of reasons for "Why an MBA?"; please take some time to go through this list and understand which reasons apply to you.

Management Perspective | Deeper Insight into the Discipline of your Career Choice | Opportunity for Career Enhancement or Career Shift | Global Perspective | Leadership Development | Networking Opportunities | Access to a Vast Alumni Base | Communication Skills | Presentation Skills | Interpersonal Skills | Cultural Exposure | Credibility of a Strong Brand | Opportunity to Create and Vet a Business Plan | Incubation/Funding Opportunities | Career Services | Internship Opportunities | Mentors | Versatile Peer Learning | Time Management and Personal Management | ...

Once you have provided the reasons behind your decision to pursue an MBA, move on to why you wish to pursue an MBA from that particular business school. Once again, you will find a glossary of potential reasons, below; please be sure to list at least four.

Sync with the Desired Career Goals | Program Structure | Teaching Style | Relevant Concentration(s) | Experiential Approach | Collaborative Environment | Brand Value | Commendable Placement Record for the Desired Post MBA Role | Faculty and Intellectual Property | Location | Duration | Flexibility in Customizing the Curriculum | Myriad Student Activities | Relevant Student Clubs/Organizations | Centers of Excellence | Student Exchange Opportunities | Rich Campus Life | Career Services | Networking Events | Simulations | Inter-College Competitions | Class Profile Represented Nationalities/Industries/Functional Areas | Vast Choice of Electives | Incubation Support | Emphasis on Leadership Development | Experiential Learning Opportunities | ...

When selecting which reasons to provide for a specific business school, be sure to research the school very carefully and provide concrete examples of the attribute that you list. Here, taking the help of someone with a professional understanding of MBA admissions will be very helpful.

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