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How to Answer “Why this School” in MBA Applications Essays

When you see this question, you may have a question of your own. “Why does it matter?” You may wonder why the school cares about your reasons for choosing them; should not the only thing they care about be whether or not you are qualified or not and does the school not already know of its offerings? However, the truth is that this is a very valuable question for the school – one that can actually provide them with plenty of information regarding the suitability of your candidature for their school and the program. At the same time, how well you address this question also lets the Admissions Committee understand your interest in their program and how well you have researched the same.

Choosing what school to attend, particularly for a postgraduate degree, of any kind, is a major decision. Ascertaining the quality of your decision, or at the very least, the quality of your reasoning behind it gives the Admissions Committee a fair insight into several key aspects of your personality.

A good answer here will suggest clarity of purpose, that you are someone with a clear goal and a good head on your shoulders. It shows maturity on your decision-making, which is, of course, a vital characteristic any organization would want in a member. Aside from your personal qualities, there is also the matter of capability. Not every MBA program is the same and different people are best suited for different types of programs. The admissions committee will prefer to have students whose subjective requirements, desires, and capabilities best match up with theirs. Not only will that be best for the students but also for the institute, as, it will, in the long run, guarantee them more successful alumni.

In order to answer this question well, you must first of all, and most importantly, gain the conviction that this school is the right choice for you. Pursuing an MBA is a great investment of time, effort, and money, and if you cannot answer why this school is where you want to go, you clearly should be looking elsewhere. Hence, as you sit down to write your essays, the first question to ask yourself is, “Why this school”?

Assuming you are now sure of your choice, begin by first giving four reasons why you want to pursue an MBA at all. Some good examples to keep in mind are the opportunity for career growth or career shift, leadership development, and the desire for mentorship. This should be followed up with four good reasons why you want an MBA from that particular school. Some good answers are - the choice of electives, relevant student clubs and organizations, and the quality of alumni network. You must make sure to link your reasons to the specific qualities of the school or program. It can also help to link your interest to a specific member of the faculty associated with the program of choice. Above all, make sure to properly research the qualities that you refer to.

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