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Deciding the perfect time in my career to pursue an MBA was easier than navigating the entire MBA application process. Thus, when a friend suggested applying with an admissions consultant, I grasped at the idea. She recommended her successful experience with Experts’ Global to me and I decided to consult with the firm, likewise. I was impressed with the highly-experienced team of mentors that had been assigned to handle my case. The highly nuanced and structured academic approach indeed helped me better comprehend the application processs. The mentors guided me on the perfect representation of my profile, both strength and weakness. Particularly, the team was prompt with their repsonse to each and every query or request that I had. The holistic approach to the admissions consulting process, including school-shortlisting and interview preparation process, helped me attain admit, with scholarship. Basis my experience, I would highly recommend Experts’ Global admissions comsulting services if you desire a dedicated and academic approach to handling your MBA admissions process.

Abhinav Bhadauria

Babson (with USD 12,000 scholarship)

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