Boston Carroll (USD 30,000 scholarship)

After getting done with the GMAT came the frustrating and tedious part of admission process. I was at sea when I started researching about the admission process. The task seem daunting and I was in utter confusion how to select schools. Luckily I had been in touch with Experts’ Global as I prepared for GMAT with them. I came to know about their comprehensive admission consulting program. I would like to describe my experience with EG.

When I enrolled in their admission consulting program I was told by them that I would definitely get interview invites from selected schools and hopefully convert few of them.

The reason they were so confident was that they have worked with so many students so they know what they are promising.

They have first analysed my profile and provided me with a set of schools which I would be able to convert. Their approach is very pragmatic and they provide a list of schools which matches the profile and provides a high chance of conversion.

They are extremely professional but at the same time they really understand the needs of a student. So they are very flexible as well. All the members of the team are easily accessible.

The process they follow from understanding the student profile to assisting the student with essays is very systematic. They provide a time frame and if a student follow the time frame there will not be any last minute worry before the deadline.

I opted to apply to 4 MBA programs with their help. With their assistance I was able to draft my admission essays well before deadline. I submitted application to 2 schools Imperial and Boston Carroll. To my utter delight I got interview invite from both of them. That is 100% success rate in getting an interview invite. Finally I got into Boston Carroll with $30k scholarship.

If you really want to get into a good MBA program then I recommend you to work with Experts’ Global. They will definitely get you interview invites and hopefully you will convert few of them like I did.

My wisdom- Consultants can do for you so much but you have to be proactive during the process. They can not spoon feed you everything. They will help you with the drafting of the essays and interview prep. You have to make sure that you do what they tell you to do. You need to connect with current students of the MBA programs that you are applying to get a good insight about the program which would help you during the interview.

I know it’s a bit long review but I hope this helps future applicants.

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