Calgary , McMaster and Schulich

After procuring a low-profile score of 670 on the GMAT, I was exploring my options for the steps ahead. At Experts Global, I experienced individually crafted approach to help you get through the tedious B school admission process. The team is absolutely efficient and truly reminder free. Follow the milestones outlined by the Experts Global team and rest assured, the things will fall into place. I highly recommend Experts Global for their passionate, professional and non-transactional approach towards the applicants. They are indeed a true value for your efforts, energy and money. I received 4 admits from B-schools in Canada and 3 of them with scholarships. I would conclude by saying that the team is as passionate as you are to help you secure your dream admit.

Hashikesh Patel

Calgary (USD 1.5K scholarship)
McMaster (USD 5000 scholarship)
Schulich (partial scholarship)

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