Carlson, Questrom, Smith, Purdue, Sauder and Schulich

From experience, I can tell you that MBA applications are no joke. The entire process of applying to MBA programs is very complex, at every stage there are so many factors to consider. Even before you can start looking at the admission requirements, there are several intense steps. I was, frankly, overwhelmed and the more I learned about what type of applications I would need to put together, to get a seat at a prominent business school, the more lost I felt.
Thankfully, I was able to find an admissions consulting firm, as fine as Experts’ Global! The guidance I received at this firm, completely, changed how I looked at the admissions process. They managed to make everything crystal clear and guided me through the whole thing so well that I never had to worry about anything. Experts’ Global’s admission consultancy is end to end. That means that they cover the entire process, from start to finish. From what I have seen, it is not very common to find MBA admission consultants that offer this kind of coverage.
The admission team that I worked with was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. They had a great deal of information about MBA programs from all over the world, were always very fast in replying to my queries and were very accommodating of any additional requests I had. They also used a set of video lectures to explain how the whole process would work, before we really got started. This really helped me understand the admissions process and gain some confidence. I also had a very helpful conversation with one of my mentors that helped me to further understand and put my mind at ease.
The first big help that Experts’ Global gave me was in my profile analysis and school shortlisting. I had no idea how to judge my own profile and the countless MBAprograms, out there, but Experts’ Global was able to perfectly understand my background and career goals and help me pick out a set of schools that would be right for me. They also helped me understand how these schools should then be narrowed down, considering factors like geography, scholarships, etc. This step was, probably, what was overwhelming me the most. There were so many factors to consider and so many potential schools to apply to that I did not know how to start!One aspect of the team that was a real help here was the fact that they were very straightforward and honest with me.Once this first step was cleared the rest became much easier. I started out with a list of four schools to apply to and as my confidence grew, I increased that number to eight and then nine.
The other area in which Experts’ Global was a tremendous help was in writing the application material. They prepared an extremely crisp admission resume, for me, and their essay work was beyond excellent. I went into the process not really knowing how good MBA application essays are written and was actually a little surprised by what Experts’ Global told me is the proper approach. They told me that best essays are the ones that have a “story” element to them, not just facts. How my writing team approached this was to look for common themes in my background, my current MBA pursuit and my long and short career goals and use those to bring all three together into a sort of overarching narrative. The essays they wrote, using this narrative, were better than anything I could have written in ten years.
Beyond this, managing the applications themselves was very easy, using the milestone approach. Any doubts I had about the applications were answered well in time and I was able to finish the application, without the deadlines becoming a concern. As with the rest of my MBA application process, I felt a little bit lost when it came to my interviews. Even though I had some understanding of how to conduct myself in an interview I was sure that there would be some type of nuance that I was missing. I had taken Experts’ Global’s guidance on my application process, up to that point and I knew that I would definitely benefit from further guidance. Experts’ Global’s interview preparation turned out to be excellent, just like the rest of their admission consultancy. It is a very clear and methodical process that gave me all the information I needed and helped me build practical skills, as well. First,I watched fifteen video lectures that covered all of the information I needed to know. I mean the videos covered what type of answers I should give, proper body language, etc. I was especially glad to see that they also covered specific questions, such as what to do if I did not know how to answer a question. After I had thoroughly gone through the videos, I filled out a questionnaire that covered the thirty most common MBA interview questions. Finally, my interview mentor held a series of mock interviews. She based the mocks on my answers to the questionnaire, to address my blind spots. This approach really worked, I had three mocks, (with a feedback session after each one) and I improved with every one of them. I really gained a lot of confidence, too, and was quite sure of myself going into the interviews. When I interviewed with Sauder, Questrom, and Smith, I could tell that I had cleared the interview and would be getting the admit. I was right by the way. I ended up with four admits, with scholarship; Carlson-USD 36,600 per year, Smith-95% scholarship, Purdue-USD 20,000 per year, and Sauder USD 17500 per year. I also got two admits, without a scholarship, to Questrom and Schulich. Experts’ Global’s interview preparation was beyond excellent. I cannot begin to describe how much it taught me and helped me.
Without Experts’ Global, I would have been completely lost. I cannot see myself succeeding, as I did, without their help. I can’t express in words how much they helped me!

Abinash Nayak

Carlson(with USD 36,600 a year scholarship), Questrom, Smith (with 95% scholarship),
Purdue (with USD 20,000 scholarship), Sauder (with USD 17500 scholarship), Schulich

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