I subscribed the B School application package from Experts’ Global in the month of June, 2020 and it turned out to be quite a good investment for me. Right from the start I found their overall process quite impressive. They kept a proper track record of each and every timeline of the application process and even when I was out of India for my job, I used to get regular feedback over phone and mail. I found the entire team very cooperative and I got some really interesting inputs from them regarding my B School application. Team Experts’ Global helped me to deep dive into my past and to find out the tiniest of the moment of my past life which I felt of little significance. However these experiences and incidences made my essays quite strong and appealing, basis on this I applied to a few schools and could able to get an admit from one of the top B School in Europe.
I will definitely recommend Experts’ Global to all B School aspirants and I feel their B School packages are quite elaborate and cost effective. A Strong 5+ star for the Experts’ Global Team.

Sanjib D


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