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ESADE, Rotman (CAD 40,000 scholar), McDonough (USD 90,000 scholar)

I chose Expert’s Global after reading a few reviews on GMATClub. I was very anxious about this decision, because this would be a pretty big investment for me.

After signing up, the Expert’s Global team was great at sending me all the documents and really laying down the process and timelines we would be following. It helped me untangle the confusion in my mind.

But, life intervened and I wasn’t able to meet a few deadlines that had been set. I was nervous emailing the team after this, but they were fantastic about accepting the situation as is and helping me with the next steps.

Even with interview counselling, I ended up giving one interview before having the counselling – and bombed it. The team was really great at not being reprimanding and instead focussing on what to do next. I gave 4 more interviews, and received admits after every one.

The results? Admits into ESADE, Questrom, Georgetown (with scholarship) and Rotman (with scholarship). I chose to go with Rotman, and I’m heading to Toronto in August!

Overall – well planned start, methodical approach and proven results.

The process of applying to colleges itself is stressful but if you thrive when you have a step by step plan then Expert’s Global would be a good choice for you.

N Bangera

ESADE, Rotman (CAD 40,000 scholarship), McDonough (USD 90,000 scholarship)

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