I enlisted Experts’ Global for help with the application process for colleges. While they provided inputs at various points of the essay and interview prep, if I had to identify two aspects of the overall experience that made my interactions with Experts’ Global better they would be (a) the prompt responses to my queries, and (b) being open to bouncing off ideas on how I should structure my write-ups.

While I had a lot of ideas and a broad narrative in mind, a lot of what I had come up with required structure and refinement. To that end, Experts’ Global helped with incrementally ameliorating the way I structured my ideas and the way I drafted the essays to be more impactful. There was a lot of back and forth involved with this process and I was happy that I would receive a timely response and, when required, a call could be scheduled to discuss the problems I was facing. With the constant inputs I was able to piece together a narrative (within the application question word limit!) that I felt really told my story.

With narrating personal and professional experiences came unconscious biases, and throughout this process Experts’ Global helped me with identifying such situations and esoteric concepts, addressing which helped raise the quality of my essays from the point of view of the third-person.

There are so many other ways in which the team at Experts’ Global helps out: from setting and chasing up for achieving the milestones to mock interviews. All these interactions helped me identify gaps in my level of preparedness by things I was blindsided by.

They say you get back what you give out. So, while a lot of what you achieve from the essays comes down to your effort, it is always good to have someone help you with the process and ensure that you are on the right path — thank you, Experts’ Global.

A Kunzru


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