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Having crossed the 700+ barrier in GMAT and running short of time, I decided to check with some of my friends who had already gone through the admission process and are now pass outs from some of the elite B schools. Looking at my current situation and based on his personal experience with the Experts’ Global team, a friend of mine who is an ISB alum suggested me to stop wasting any more time and approaching the Experts’ Global team. I decided to go by his suggestion and this turned out to be single best decision taken after having taken the GMAT exam. I soon approached them and my process was started immediately. I got the name of the mentors, detailed timeline and a detailed questionnaire to fill up which came super handy in all my upcoming college applications. I had regular sessions with my mentor and I found the advise given by my mentor very useful specially on tackling questions such as ‘Why MBA?’ and ‘What after MBA?’. Since I was targeting the Indian B Schools only, my deadlines were all soon approaching. Experts’ Global not only helped me thoroughly with my essays, they did so well before the deadlines, giving me enough time to complete the college applications. After having met with disappointment during my first college interview, I immediately connected with my mentor Aakanksha and asked her if I was approaching the interview in the right way and if I should portray my profile differently. She reaffirmed me to stick to the original plan which really worked for me in my next interviews. I would also like to acknowledge the support of Ms Aanchal Sharma throughout my interview process. She kept me giving some serious feedback and ways of improving, which helped me immensely during the interview. She did not shy away from sending me back to prepare thoroughly during our first interaction which made me take up interview preparation seriously. She kept following up with me and taking repeat mock interviews until I was upto the mark. Overall I am deeply thankful to them as their professional guidance helped me crack one of my dream college in India- IIM Calcutta. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone 🙂

Sagar Taneja


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