I had taken up EG’s GMAT prep course in late 2017. They have a pretty good structured way of teaching things. The online mocks and prep material proved really handy. But it so happened I had exhausted 3 attempts and still was sitting with a 660 in hand. I had given up hope and decided to go ahead with applications. During the school shortlisting, Akanksha made it clear of my chances at certain schools and motivated me to have one final attempt. I took a leave of 1 month from my job and focused on it. Bingo there was 710 on my screen! That moment I realized the importance of support system and motivation. Fast tracking my applications for round 1 entries, EG team was superb in finishing documents well before deadlines. I had taken up 11 schools , ISB was my first choice and it was a stretch school per se for me. It was a dream come true and I was extremely happy when I got the ISB admit mail. I also got Interview invites from 6 other schools, but I didn’t pursue them due to other commitments.

EG’s team has been instrumental in my GMAT prep and also supported me like a rock all through the application process. The best part is their tailored and structured approach to everything, which makes life easy for a 9 to 5 person like me.

Overall I would say joining EG has proved to be one of my best decision till now and the 1 year association has been a fruitful journey! Will stay in touch with them and definitely recommend them as they are genuinely good people with good intentions who care for the student’s future and not plain money making.

Vinay YV


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