I went to Experts’ Global with a very strict deadline, for my ISB application, and I was very impressed with just how easily they were able to manage it. I started Experts’ Global’s ISB application process, just 15 days before the ISB deadline and I was really anxious about getting the applications in on time. Fortunately, at Experts’ Global, I found a team of dedicated and skilled professionals, who could get the job done!

The admissions team I worked with was very knowledgeable about the ISB admission process. They had a great sense of how to put together an application that the admission committee would find impressive. They were very meticulous in putting together my application, especially the essays which carry a lot of weight on the ISB application. ISB asks for fewer essays than most schools, so it takes a fair bit of skill to write ISB essays. You have to make every word count. My mentor, at Experts’ Global, made sure to have a ‘Brainstorming’ session with me to make sure that I understood how they were approaching the essays. Beyond simply answering the essay questions, Experts’ Global put a lot of emphasis on developing my “story”. As my mentor informed me, applications that are more based on the story of the candidate, as a professional and an applicant, are more memorable than those that are just fact based. The writing team combined my background, why I was pursuing an MBA, and my future plans to create a story that showed me as a strong candidate. Of course, they made sure not to stray outside the scope of the questions. I was thankful that my mentor took the time to help me understand exactly how they would be approaching my essays. This was in addition to a lot of very intelligent videos Experts’ Global showed me, about the application process.

Aside from their essay writing and ISB related expertise, what made Experts’ Global able to get my application ready in time was their great organization skills. They broke the entire application process down into a series of milestones, so that I could keep track of my progress and that there would be a logical flow of tasks. Some of the milestones were for the team and they were never late with them. The team was, overall, very organized and easy to keep in touch with. They were always prompt in getting back to me, when I had a doubt and made sure to keep each other up to date on what was going on, so that we didn’t waste any time.

Even though they only had two weeks, Experts’ Global was able to put together an ISB application that easily got me an interview call. What’s more is that they did it with enough time to spare that I could give my application a good once over. Experts’ Global also has an interview training program (they actually offer guidance for all the admission steps) but I did not really take that one up. I just had two rounds of discussion to clear up a few interview related doubts that I had.

Thanks to Experts’ Global’s help, I was able to secure my admission to ISB.

Lovish Tyagi


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